Regionally active

With projects, workshops, empirical analyses, excursions and practical semesters, we open our eyes to the changing demands of social and professional realities. In doing so, our departments, as well as individual actors or students, are involved in building and planning processes in the city of Kassel, the region or beyond.

Study with city and region

Image: Maja Wirkus

Study projects, student research projects and master theses often refer to concrete occasions and/or requests from cities and communities in the region. In most cases, the work is carried out cooperatively with local administrations and political bodies; in some cases, citizens' initiatives or the like are also the direct project partners.

An extensive collection of student projects is archived in documentation center of the department.

Initiatives and associations

Student project groups, initiatives and associations have developed from real problems in cooperation with the city of Kassel:

Urban Experiments e.V

Space for unused public spaces

Urban Experiments e.V : Forward

Teachers active in city & region

With their offices, teachers in our department fulfill building and planning tasks in the city and region. In doing so, they make a significant contribution to the development of a building and planning culture. Exemplary on the picture: The extension of the central canteen of the University of Kassel.

Image: Werner Hutmacher
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