The Professorship Experimental and Digital Design and Construction encompasses three primary research areas: the theoretical and practical development of generative digital design processes, digital construction processes, and mobile as well as interactive processes between humans and machines. These three topics are investigated in experimental setups using computational tools and integrated into digital design and construction techniques for performative material and building systems. In the process, digital structural change is to be developed with the goal of intelligent, flexible and highly networked production. For all three topics, our department has established a close-knit collaborative research network at the University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel, which interdisciplinarily connects the departments of architectural, urban, and landscape planning with materials science, engineering, and robotics.  

RAFA / Additive fabrication of components from waste wood

Research on additive printing processes for the production of sustainable and circular components using waste wood material and biogenic binders.

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BBSR Research Prototype

The BBSR Research Prototype 2022 is an experimental research demonstrator in the interface of AI algorithms, digital construction principles and automated manufacturing processes.

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The research project aims to develop a wood-mycelium composite construction method for CO2-neutral, circular interior fittings for office spaces to upgrade existing buildings.

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Robotic Timber

The project is focused on novel joining techniques, which are integrated into robotic manufacturing and involve computational design techniques that enable highly efficient geometric and qualitative distribution of material.

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The focus of the transdisciplinary research training group TETHOK - Textile Tectonics for Wood Construction is the design of textile architectures based on continuous solid wood fibers.



Research and characterization of rectangular hollow profiles made of wound wood laminates with targeted technical reinforcements for the substitution of standard metal hollow profiles.

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The subject of the research is the examination of industrial waste like used wood for their suitability for the production of building components with high curvature degrees.

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3D Wood Wind

In the 3DWoodWind project, three-dimensional winding processes are being developed for material-efficient hollow profile lightweight components made of wood.

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In this project, willow rails are seamlessly connected to each other at their two ends (end faces). A long and windable strip is created; this is to be called monofilament. The finished continuous filament is available as a semi-finished product for the machine production of various textile fabrics.



The subject of the research is the examination of industrial waste such as used sand and wood for their suitability as formwork materials, and their processing using digital manufacturing methods.

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