rethinking:wood - Wood particle manufactured, recyclable components with high degrees of curvature

Due to changes in the "Renewable Energy Act (2017)", several million tonnes of waste wood have recently been generated. The aim of the research project is to implement the waste product used wood in a recyclable way in a zero-waste process for the production of building components with high curvature degrees, sustainably in the construction industry.

Research will show how the material can be integrated into construction-related processes. The aim is to create an outlook for the use as lightweight, fire-safe and precisely fabricated insulating and acoustic elements. Applications for interior, model and furniture construction as well as concrete formwork are also conceivable.

In elementary material research, waste wood in the form of wood particles is to be fully recycled and reshaped with the addition of sustainable biogenic binder types and with the help of digital manufacturing methods and transferred into new circular building applications with high degrees of curvature.

At the end of the life cycle, the particle-based components and the wood shavings produced during the moulding process can be recycled and reused. The targeted zero-waste process has the ecological, sustainable and economic advantage of using an industrial waste product that is harmless to health as a moulding material. Moreover, it can be reused and reshaped again and again, thus creating a closed material cycle. To avoid grey energy and waste of resources, all process approaches deliberately make use of existing machines and tools.