Robotic Assembly

This seminar provides basic knowledge for architectural design and fabrication with industrial robots. How can we use our digital drawing for a subsequent digital assembly? What is needed to instruct a robot arm to perform task involving movement and actions like picking and placing objects? What information needs to be put in the drawing and how does it need to be translated to be understood by a robot controller?



The topic of this seminar is building your own parametric design by using an industrial robot arm. In order to achive that, you will learn basic acknowledgement of grasshopper and Rhinoceros, use our softwares robotcomponents and ABB Robotstudio to simulate the robotarm, and finally build a structure in small scale with the ABB industrial robot arm. There are often many unexpected problems in the process from theory to practice, such as accuracy issues, singularity problem in robotics, features of different materials. In this seminar students will find and solve those problems, so that they can be considered in advance in future designs.

Bild: Julian Ochs