Acquisition of competencies & Entrepreneurship (KENT)

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Linkage with research foci of the university

  • Scientific Center for Information Technology Design (ITeG): The ITeG brings together working groups from various disciplines. Five members of the faculty from the fields of business informatics, psychology, law are part of the directorate. Contributions to the research focus arise in particular with regard to the formal and informal acquisition of competencies in the workplace as well as in (professional) everyday life. In addition to the economic and social assessment of this form of competence acquisition and the handling of the resulting opportunities and risks at the corporate level, the interdisciplinary orientation of the ITEG also allows its societal effects to be examined.
  • International Centre for Higher Education Research Kassel (INCHER): INCHER-Kassel is one of the leading research institutions on the topic of "Higher Education in Germany". Research at INCHER focuses on "Students and Graduates", "Academic Change", "Innovation and Transfer" and "Governance and Organization". The focus area "Students and Graduates", which relates to the teaching and training mission of the university, is directly related to KENT. Graduate research is of particular importance to this research focus. However, the INCHER focus on "Innovation and Transfer" is also relevant to KENT, as competence­development is influenced by technical and social innovations.
  • Research and Teaching Center for Entrepreneurship (FLuDH): The "FLuDH" center bundles university-wide research in the field of entrepreneurship.­There, the members pursue the jointly identified research lines a) competencies in the field of entrepreneurial thinking and action, b) fields of activity and activities of start-ups and intrapreneurs or corporate entrepreneurs, and c) environment, surroundings and structures for entrepreneurial thinking and action.