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Start of the joint project 'WÖRLD

Collaborative project 'WÖRLD' starts

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The joint project 'WÖRLD -  Wirtschaftspädagogik und Ökonomische Bildung: Lehrkräftebildung und Unterricht Digital' (WÖRLD - Business Education and Economic Education: Teacher Training and DigitalTeaching), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FKZ: 01JA23S02A), started on 01.06.2023 under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jens Klusmeyer (Department of Business Education with a focus on vocational teaching and learning). The project addresses questions about the design and effects of digitization-related teacher training and continuing education in the domain of economics and at the same time addresses the competencies of teachers developed in this context for planning and designing digital and hybrid lessons. The aim is to ensure and evaluate an evidence-based transfer of digital and hybrid teaching-learning offers from the participating teacher training institutions. The project is funded with approximately 5.2 million euros.

In total, the project network consists of 14 subprojects from 16 professorships in seven German states, making it the largest research consortium on this topic in Germany. WÖRLD is embedded in the 'Competence Center for Digital and Digitally Supported Teaching in Schools and Continuing Education in Languages, Social Sciences and Economics', which in turn is part of the Learning:Digital Competence Network.

In addition to project management, Prof. Dr. Jens Klusmeyer's department is responsible for the sub-project 'BRANCHES - Teacher Education and Interactive Storytelling in Cross-Phase Co-Creation of Branched Scenarios', which playfully demonstrates the decision-making possibilities in company work and training situations. In addition, 'DiWiBe - Understanding and Teaching the Digitization of Economic-Commercial Occupational Fields' by Prof. Dr. Michael Goller (Department of Vocational and Business Education; in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Manuel Förster from the Technical University of Munich) is another sub-project located at the Institute for Vocational Education and Training.

The technical and digitization-related expertise of the participating collaborative and cooperation partners will be bundled in the 'WÖRLD House'. As a strategically acting network of actors in the field of teacher education, the WÖRLD-House will bring together the project's contributions to the transfer and evaluation of digitization-related teacher education programs.