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Subproject completion PRONET-D

End of the PRONET-D subproject

On 31.05.2023, the project 'Business and Economics Teaching Design and Reflection by means of ERP-based Learning Situations in the Virtual Classroom' of the Department of Business and Economics Education with a focus on vocational teaching and learning (Prof. Dr. Jens Klusmeyer) as a sub-project of PRONET-D officially came to an end. Within the framework of the project, seminar concepts were developed and evaluated, which focused on the development of digitization-related competencies in the context of teaching with enterprise resource planning software among business education students. In this context, the department entered into cooperation with the SAP4school initiative and the SAP University Competence Center at the Technical University of Munich. The seminar program will continue beyond the end of the project and will be a starting point for future cooperations. Some of the project results were presented at the joint final meeting of PRONET2and PRONET-D on July 10, 2023 at Science Park as part of a poster flash and walk.