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Pairing Service Innovation with Societal Change in Emerging Economies

Singh, S & Wagner, R. (2022). Pairing Service Innovation with Societal Change in Emerging Economies: The Example of Authentic Wine Tourism, La Londe Conference 2022, France.

This study showcases the emergence of a glocalized ‘new world’ wine tourism service industry in India. The GLOW (Global to Glocal Wine tourism) framework developed in this study allows to match the consumer preferences with the service vendors entrepreneurial perspective in continuous tussle between globalization and glocalization. Consumers’ service preferences are revealed by fitting a structural model to empirical data gathered from vineyard visitors. The quantitative analysis results are triangularized with qualitative evidence obtained in structured interviews with founding managers of two Indian vineyards. Notably, the spillovers of international travels are the most important driver stimulating the ‘new world’ wine tourism. Going beyond the combination of both the consumer and the entrepreneurial perspectives, originality of this study arises from deriving the GLOW framework allowing to capture the interests of all stakeholders’ groups in designing an authentic service experience and consequences they might face in the glocalization process.