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24th Doctoral Seminar in St. Ottilien

The 24th Doctoral Workshop on IT, Service, Innovation and Collaboration (WISIC) took place on October 24 and 25, 2022. After the 23rd edition of WISIC took place in Berlin, this time doctoral students, post-docs and professors met in the monastery in St. Ottilien, Bavaria.

In the course of the doctoral seminar, 16 doctoral students from the universities of Kassel, St. Gallen and Osnabrück presented their topics in different formats depending on their doctoral progress and status: Relevance Pitch, Idea Presentation, Proposal and Journal Paper Project. The goal of this workshop is to advance the respective dissertation project through intensive discussions with other doctoral students as well as professors and post-docs. In addition, new ideas and impulses for one's own dissertation project are to be gained through the feedback gained in this workshop and peer groups are to be established through points of contact to topics of other participants.

The topics of the WISIC participants again covered a wide range of research areas of the participating chairs. As has become a good tradition, there was also a belated Oktoberfest.