On this page you will find an FAQ overview on the following topics

If your questions cannot be answered here, please contact the person responsible for your request.


Q: Where can I find general information on business informatics?

A: The introductory slides for the focus can be found here: http://winf.wirtschaft.uni-kassel.de/winfoline/Einfuehrung_sp7.pdf (only available in German)


Q: Which courses must / can I attend in the economics degree with a focus on business informatics?

A: An overview of our courses and which of them are offered in the current semester can be found here.


Q: Where can I find general information about my studies?

A: You can find the examination regulations and module manuals of the University of Kassel here: https://www.uni-kassel.de/uni/studium/im-studium/pruefungsordnungen/#accordion-heading-13587


Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Who shall I talk to?

A: If your question specifically relates to information systems, please contact Tim Weinert. If your question relates more to general aspects of the course, the following contact persons may be relevant: 



Q: When / where does the exam for course X take place?

A: You can find the current exam dates and rooms here.


Q: No date has yet been specified for exam X, why?

A: Not all exam dates can be set at the same time. The online events from Winfoline in particular must be coordinated with the other participating universities. These dates may only be announced approx. 4 weeks before the end of the lecture period. If in doubt, please contact the respective course supervisor.


Q: Is there a rewriting date for exam X?

A: No, unfortunately, for organizational reasons, we are unable to offer any rewriting appointments.


Q: How do I register for the exam?

A: Registration always takes place via the HIS: https://portal.uni-kassel.de/qisserver/rds?state=user&type=0&breadCrumbSource=portal&topitem=functions


Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Who shall I talk to?

A: Please contact the supervisor of the course by email.


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Please identify the responsible employee under "Courses".

Q: How do I find a topic for my thesis?
A: Open topics for theses can be found here. Please contact the respective supervisor who is responsible for the main topic. Theses are usually linked to ongoing research topics and projects in the department. You are also welcome to propose your own topics, but we reserve the right to check the relevance and chances of success for this, also in your interests.


Q: I am unsure for which advertised topic I should apply?
A: In any case, avoid asking several research assistants to supervise a thesis at the same time. Initially, contact an employee whose main topic interests you. After a corresponding discussion, you can, in consultation with the employee, determine whether you are interested in the topic or whether you would prefer to work in a different area. In this case, the employee you initially spoke to will help you with further coordination.


Q: What requirements do I have to meet in order to be able to write a thesis?
A: All students of economics and related subjects (business education, industrial engineering, etc.) as well as computer science at the University of Kassel can write their theses (Bachelor / Master / Diploma) in the field of information systems. For this we assume a strong interest in relevant topics in the research area and expect prior knowledge in the field of business informatics. These can be obtained, for example, by successfully attending our courses.


Q: How does the process work if I want to write a thesis at the chair?
A: We provide close supervision to students and gain insights into the scientific research work in the field. First get in touch with the respective supervisor for the main topics. He will discuss all further steps with you.


Q: When should I get in touch if I want to write a thesis?
A: You should contact the chair several weeks before your desired start.


Q: Are there format templates or other guidelines for the final theses?
A: Yes, can be found here.


Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Who shall I talk to?
A: Please contact the supervisor of your thesis or the employee whose subject area you are interested in.

F: What are Winfoline and StudIP?

A: Winfoline is the name of the exchange ring in which the universities of Kassel, Darmstadt, Göttingen and Saarbrücken cooperate. As a student at the University of Kassel, you can take part in selected courses at other universities online. These online events are offered via a so-called learning platform called StudIP. You can find out how to register there below.


Q: When does the introductory event take place?
A: Due to the current situation, an introductory face-to-face event is not offered this semester. We will provide you with all information about the current Winfoline courses in the business informatics department this semester in the Moodle course "Winfoline SoSe 2020". There you will learn how to register for Winfoline courses and receive the study materials.


Q: Where can I find the introductory slides for Winfoline?

A: The introductory slides for Winfoline can be found here.


Q: How do I get a login for StudIP?

A: We need some information from you in order to be able to register you in StudIP. Please use the following online form for this purpose:

Important: Use your student email address starting with "uk" or "s_" to register. The actual registration then takes place in Göttingen (provider of the learning platform). Registrations that are received later in the semester or during the semester break will be forwarded to Göttingen on the first of each month. Processing then usually takes 2-3 days. You will receive a link to the learning platform by email, including your access data. When entering your data, make sure to use the correct spelling, especially for the email address.


Q: How long does the Winfoline registration take?

A: At the beginning of the semester, we carry out several registrations, including shortly after the introductory event for Winfoline. During the semester and during the semester break, registrations are then forwarded on the first of each month. After we have sent the registrations to Göttingen, it usually takes 2-3 days before you receive your login via email.


Q: How do I find out my student email address?

A: You can find out the email address here:
Select "Identity Self-Service" then "My Profile". In the Winfoline form, it is essential that you enter an address in the form "uk ... @ student.uni-kassel.de" or "s _... @ student.uni-kassel.de".


Q: Why do I have to register with the Uni-Kassel email address?

A: Only by using this email address can we be sure that you are a student at the University of Kassel. In addition, with other providers the problem often arises that the mails that the StudIP system sends do not arrive correctly. We also need the addresses in the form "uk" or "s_" so that we can still correctly assign different users in the event of problems with the registration.


Q: I have registered but have not received an email, what now?

A: Please check your spam folder where the mail might have ended up. Unfortunately, it does not help you to register again, as you are most likely already registered in StudIP, but the only thing is that the e-mail did not reach you. Please contact directly winfoline@wi-kassel.de


Q: Which courses are offered via Winfoline?

A: The current course offer can be found on our website under Courses.


Q: Why aren't the courses offered on Moodle?

A: Moodle is a platform exclusively for the University of Kassel. Since four universities take part in the exchange, it is unfortunately necessary to coordinate all online events via a central, shared learning platform.


Q: How do I register for a Winfoline course?

A: First of all, you must have a login for the StudIP learning platform. Register on the learning platform at http://www.studip.uni-goettingen.de/. On the first page, under Search, click Event Search. Enter part of the title or the lecturer there, e.g. "Database draft". Select the desired event from the hits. You can now register for the event on the right under “Actions”.


Q: What are the obligations of registering for the course?

A: Initially none. You are not yet registered for the exam. This is done completely independently via the HIS. By registering for the course, you only get access to the learning materials.


Q: What's up with Clix?

A: The old learning platform Clix was replaced by StudIP in the winter semester 2009/2010 and is no longer active. From now on you need a login for StudIP if you want to attend courses.


Q: Why can't I take course X yet?

A: For various organizational reasons, some events are only activated with a slight delay (several days after the start of the lectures).


Q: Is lecture X in English because it has an English title?

A: No, the content and the exam are always in German.


Q: A different lecturer is entered in the HIS than in the StudIP, why?

A: The HIS usually contains the name of the professor responsible for coordinating the Winfoline event. In StudIP, however, you will find the name (s) of the actual lecturers.


Q: Does the course say something about room numbers, presence, etc.?

A: This information is only valid for the students of the university that offers this course. However, all courses at the partner universities in Saarbrücken, Göttingen and Darmstadt are offered entirely online for you.


Q: In the materials for event X there is something about bonus points, does that also apply to Kassel students?

A: Indeed, in some courses there are bonus points for submitting exercises. Please check the course materials or the respective lecturer at an early stage to ensure that the course you are taking offers appropriate options.


Q: How do I register for the exam?

A: As usual via the HIS.


Q: When do the exams take place and when is it possible to register? When are the exam dates set and how do I find them out?

A: The exam dates are announced approx. 4-5 weeks before the end of the lecture period and are usually within a period of approx. Three weeks immediately after the end of the lecture period. However, more precise information can only be provided once the exact dates have been coordinated between all universities. You will find the current exam dates here as soon as they are known and published. Due to the coordination between the individual universities, the dates are unfortunately only fixed relatively late in the semester, sometimes only a few weeks before the end of the lecture period.


Q: For event X it says that the registration period for the exam will end soon, what does that mean?

A: This does not apply to you: You can register for Winfoline exams like for others up to 5 days before the date.


Q: Where does the exam take place?

A: Regardless of the course: The exams for Kassel students always take place in Kassel. You can find the room and the appointment on our website.


Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Who shall I talk to?

A: If you have questions about one of the courses (e.g. content-related questions), please contact the respective supervisor. If you have an organizational question about Winfoline, please contact winfoline@wi-kassel.de


Q: I forgot my login, what now?

A: Go to the Winfoline registration form and indicate there that you need a new password. You will then receive your new password by email.


Q:In StudIP, a different number of ECTS is given for the course than in HIS. What applies?

A: Our information in the HIS is always decisive, not the information in the StudIP.


Q: The course requires a password that I don't know. How do I get the password?

A: Actually, you should always be able to register without a password. If the course has a name like "MSIS Q1 / 2012", then it is a course for a part-time online course. You cannot register for this event, even if it has the same name as a regular Winfoline course. In addition, some courses have access specifically for lecturers that is password-protected. However, you do not need this access, in this case simply log in as a participant without a password.


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  • Emails to: winfoline@wi-kassel.de

Q: How do I register for an exam?

A: The registration takes place via the HIS at https://portal.uni-kassel.de/qisserver/rds?state=user&type=0&breadCrumbSource=portal&topitem=functions. Registration is usually activated 4 weeks before the exam date.


Q: I can't register exam X in the HIS, why?

A: First of all, make sure that you can really incorporate this exam into your degree program and that the registration period has actually already started. If this is the case, please contact the course supervisor in good time, stating the course of study, examination regulations and the area in which you would like to introduce the course.


Q: I can't register course X in the HIS, why?

A: Please make sure first that you are allowed to attend the course. If this is the case, but registration in the HIS is not possible, please contact the supervisor of the course, stating your course of study and your examination regulations.


Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Who shall I talk to?

A: Please contact the supervisor of the respective course by email.


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  • Tim Weinert

Q: What is the best way to proceed with the possible crediting of an external course?

A: You should become active before you start your semester abroad. Before you go abroad, check which event you can count towards. We expressly recommend that you have the recognition recommendation made. This will make things easier after you've completed your stay. In this regard, check independently which event you could count towards. You should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Does the number of SWS / credits match the course? - For example, you cannot count towards an event that has 4 credits abroad and 6 credits for us and
  2. Does the content of the course fit? - Here at least 75% of the content should be congruent. You can see the content of our event in the Moodle for the respective course.


Q: How do I prove that I have already learnt at least 75% of the course of the lecture?

A: We do this on the basis of our learning goals. You can find these at the beginning of each course unit of a lecture. The basis for the recognition is the content that was conveyed in the last round of the event.


Q: Where can I find the contents of the last round?

A: You can find this in Moodle (www.uni-kassel.de/moodle) in the corresponding semester and the corresponding lecture title. If you need an access key, please contact the specified contact person.


Q: What do I have to do if I want to take an examination for the recognition of an external performance in the business informatics department?

A: After you have carried out the self-examination in advance, you can contact Ms. Schöbel. In addition to specifying the course to be credited, your course of study and the examination regulations, please also send documents about the course. These should be as meaningful and complete as possible so that we can carry out the check quickly and easily. Then we can do an examination.


Q: How is the recognition of academic achievements from other universities carried out?

A: After your request, we will check with the employee responsible for the subject whether the course can be credited. We check the following points for possible crediting:

  • Content-related agreement of the content (technical level)
  • Scope of the events (hours per week or credits)
  • Requirements of events (level of the event, examination certificates)

After the review, we will contact you and inform you of our decision. If an event is creditable, we can determine the grade based on the university's regulations. Basically, of course, we always need an official overview of grades from the previous university, which shows the corresponding course with the scope (SWS, credits, etc.) and grade.


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  • Tim Weinert

Q: Is it possible to work as a tutor or student assistant at the chair?

A: In principle, yes, we are regularly looking for tutors and assistants. Further information can be found here. If there is currently no vacancy, you can also send an unsolicited application.



  • Application documents to bewerbung_hiwi(at)wi-kassel.de

Q: I have a question about the course that is not answered in the FAQ. Who shall I talk to?

A: Please contact the responsible supervisor:

  • Betriebliche Anwendungen von Internettechnologien: PD Dr. Ulrich Bretschneider
  • Collaboration Engineering: Dr. Sarah Oeste-Reiß
  • Creating Innovative Services (Seminar): Dr. Philipp Ebel
  • Dienstleistungsengineering und -Management (DEM): Mahei Li
  • Forschung unter Anleitung: Dr. Sofia Schöbel
  • Geschäftsprozesse und Informationstechnologien: Torben Barev
  • Digital Business (Information Management): Torben Barev
  • Informationsverarbeitung in Dienstleistungsbetrieben: Torben Barev
  • Informationswissenschaften 1: Dr. Andreas Janson
  • Internet Economics: Torben Barev
  • IT-Projektmanagement: Torben Barev
  • Management der Informationssysteme: Torben Barev
  • Modellierung betrieblicher Informationssysteme: Torben Barev
  • Modul: Betriebliche Informationssysteme: Torben Barev