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Paper publication on the evaluation of microlearning in the journal "Education and Information Technologies".

In a recent publication in the journal Education and Information Technologies, Marian Thiel de Gafenco, Tim Weinert, Andreas Janson, Jens Klusmeyer, and Jan Marco Leimeister published an article that explores collaboration and collaborative development of microlearning content.

The article, titled "Shared digital artifacts - Co-creators as beneficiaries in microlearning development," emphasizes the importance of sharing individual experiences and expertise for organizations. IT-based systems foster this process and enable the creation of high-quality knowledge artifacts.

The interdisciplinary team, represented by the Department of Information Systems and the Department of Business Education with a focus on vocational teaching and learning, used a co-creation system developed in the KoLeArn project and evaluated it with prospective master craftsmen. The results of the concept map study show that the developed artifacts are based on practical knowledge rather than exclusive expert knowledge. The article discusses adaptations of IT-based co-creation systems to improve the support of expert knowledge acquisition. To this end, the article provides valuable insights into the design of microlearning content through collaborative processes and emphasizes the importance of individual development.

Read the full article open access here.

Full citation: Thiel de Gafenco, M., Weinert, T., Janson, A. Klusmeyer, J & Leimeister, J.M. (2023): Shared digital artifacts - Co-creators as beneficiaries in microlearning development. Education and Information Technologies.