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26th Doctoral Seminar in Kassel

From September 13 to 15, 2023, the 26th Doctoral Seminar on IT, Service, Innovation and Collaboration (WISIC) took place on the premises of the University of Kassel. The seminar aims to promote the exchange between the participating chairs from Kassel, St. Gallen and Osnabrück and to generate new impulses for the respective dissertation projects.

A total of 19 doctoral students took part in the workshop and presented their research topics in different formats. The selection of the presentation format was made according to the individual doctoral progress and status. Through intensive discussions with other doctoral students as well as professors and post-docs, the participants were able to gain valuable feedback and new ideas for their dissertation projects and drive them forward.

Another highlight besides the presentations was the keynote talk by Sabine Matook (Queensland University) titled "Social Media's Stockholm Syndrome: Are we holding hostage to our technology?". In it, she discussed the love-hate relationship that arises when using social media, the influence of the perception of time in doing so, and the influence of the social media algorithm on the user's perception of time. In order to discuss this lecture and the other presentations in a relaxed atmosphere and to exchange ideas, a joint dinner was held after the lectures.