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Publication in the Journal of Association for Information Systems

The article "The Role of AI-Based Artifacts' Voice Capabilities for Agency Attribution" by Anuschka Schmitt, Naim Zierau, Andreas Janson, and Jan Marco Leimeister was published in the Journal of Association for Information Systems (JAIS).

In the paper, the authors theorize language-based interaction with AI-based artifacts. They argue that the capabilities and perceived naturalness of such artifacts, fueled by continued advances in natural language processing, lead users to view an artifact as capable of autonomous action. In the context, the authors demonstrate that there is a positive direct relationship between an artifact's linguistic capabilities and users' attribution of agency, ultimately obscuring the true nature and competence of the artifact. This relationship is further moderated by the artifact's actual agency, uncertainty, and user characteristics.

The full paper can be viewed at the following link:

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