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First steps

The basis of a first detailed consultation is a exposé to be prepared by the student on the planned final thesis (approx. 3-5 pages), which presents initial thoughts on the research question, the theoretical background and the research concept. Furthermore, the exposé should contain a first outline proposal for the thesis as well as a list of already known literature on the topic.

Scientific standards

A thesis is an independent scientific qualification work, which should meet scientific standards in terms of content and form:


  • State of the Research: Students prepare the state of the research on their topic of investigation and critically engage with the existing scientific literature.
  • Terms: Administrative science vocabulary is used correctly in the paper. Key terms are defined.
  • Structure: Students demonstrate the ability to develop a coherent outline ("red thread") and theory-based argument structure to address a specific research question.
  • Linking theory and empiricism: Students demonstrate that they are able to classify their research question theoretically and are able to link theory and empiricism in a meaningful way.
  • Methods: Students demonstrate that they know and can apply social science methods. The methodological procedure is described and justified in the introductory part of the paper.
  • Analysis and presentation: The students demonstrate that they are able to analyze complex issues as well as to elaborate the essential content points precisely and clearly in a limited space.
  • Formalia: The students apply scientific presentation and preparation techniques in a formally correct manner (citation, source work, bibliography, etc.).


Students of the Master's program "Public Management/Public Administration" can find more detailed information on the requirements for written papers in eCampus under "Things to know" (handout for written papers in the MPA).

Topic selection

The topic of the thesis is to be developed independently by the student. Prof. Dr. Sylvia Veit and the staff of the department will be happy to advise you on the choice of topic and the development of the research question.

Theses in the field of Public Management deal with a wide range of questions concerning the design and functioning of the public sector. Possible topics are in the area of personnel (leadership of and in public administrations, personnel development and personnel management) and the organization (organizational structure and process organization, organizational development, structural reforms) of public organizations. In addition, we supervise theses dealing with theoretical issues of the subject and the external relations of public authorities. We are particularly interested in theses that focus on the role of public administration in the policy process. This involves questions of the political control of the administration, but also the decision-making contributions and scope of action of the administration in shaping and implementing public policy (public policy).

It is possible to link theses to the research focus of the department, especially to our research on managers in the public sector/administrative elites and on administrative reforms.


Suggestions for master thesis topics in the Master of Public Administration program

Dr. Nadin Fromm

  • Politics and public administration in times of crisis
  • Politics and public administration in the federal system
  • Role perception and decision-making behavior of top politicians in cooperation with the ministerial administration
  • Political attitudes of the students of the MPA study program

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Veit

  • Self-managed Teams in Public Administration (Master of Public Management/Public Administration)
  • Crisis teams in ministerial administration (Master of Public Management/Public Administration)


Dr. Nadin Fromm

  • Migration Policy in Denmark (Master of Public Management/Public Administration)
  • Social Policy in Germany - A Critical Analysis of the Basic Security for Job Seekers according to SGB II and the Possibility of an Unconditional Basic Income to Combat Poverty (Master's Program in Public Management/Public Administration)
  • Evaluation of practical semesters in dual studies using the example of the University of Applied Sciences for Administration and Service (Department of Pension Insurance) (Master's program in Public Management/Public Administration)
  • Digital Driver's License in Germany and Norway - Opportunities and Challenges with Regard to User Orientation (Master's Program Public Management/Public Administration)