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Project "Sustainability in the Supply Chain of an automobile manufacturer"
Jan. 03 – Oct. 04 Project leader Industry project for Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany

Projekt "Sustainability in the German Detergent Industry"
July 01 – Apr. 02 Project leader
Industry Project for Association of German Detergent Manufacturers (Industrieverband Körperpflege und Waschmittel e.V,)
Frankfurt, Germany

BMBF-Projekt "EcoMTex – Eco-Textiles for Mass markets"
Funded by the German Ministry of Research
Nov. 99 – Dec. 02 Leader of Sub-Project "Cost Management in Supply Chains"
July 98 – Oct. 99 Administration of application process
In cooperation with:
Institute for Economy and the Environment, Universität St. Gallen, Switzerland
Department for Design, University of Applied Science Hannover, Germany
Institut for applied Ecology, Freiburg, Germany
Otto Versand GmbH & Co., Hamburg, Germany
Klaus Steilmann GmbH & Co. KG, Wattenscheid, Germany

BMBF-Projekt "Environmental friendly furniture"
Funded by the German Ministry of Research
Jan.98 – June 97 Project coordination,
Sub-project leader on product and production integrated environmental protection
In cooperation with four furniture producers and one furniture retailer

BMBF-Projekt "Corporate Eco-Balances"
Funded by the German Ministry of Research
Nov. 95 – Dez. 97 Project leader
In cooperation with five medium sized companies

Projekt "Environmental Assessment of the Salta-Sofa"
Sept. 96 – Dez. 96
Industry Project for Salta Design GmbH, Beverungen, Germany
June 1997 Project report was awarded the Océ-Preis für Wissenschaft im Umweltschutz (Oldest Environmental Prize in Germany)
Nov. 95 – Jun. 98