Semi-Mobile Bioenergy from Agricultural and Forest Residues in Chile and Beyond (SeMoBioEnergy)

It is expected that Chile's energy demand will continue to rise, as in many other emerging economies. Forestry and agriculture can make a contribution to meeting this growing demand. This project examines the potential that residues from agriculture and forest plantations offer within the framework of regional bio-energy concepts. These residues currently remain mostly unused on the field / plantations due to the high collection, processing and transport costs. An efficient use of the residues must take into account changing harvest locations and find ways to energetically compress the biomass. Flexible technologies and usage concepts that do not yet exist are therefore required. This project aims to develop such adaptable regional bioenergy concepts on the basis of promising technologies. Special emphasis is placed on the development of economically, ecologically and socially advantageous, i.e. more sustainable, concepts. A transfer and a transfer to other regions of the world are being examined.

contact person:
Erik Siems

Further information on the project you will find here.