Final papers

Students of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FB 07) can write their final papers (bachelor and master thesis) at the Chair of Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (TIME). In general, final papers are linked to current research topics and ongoing projects. This way, students are well assisted and supervised and gain valuable insights into the department’s scientific research work.

1.) Requirements:

Unless it is stated differently in the proposed topic description, profound knowledge of the field of innovation management and/or technology management is required to write a final paper at our department. This condition is met by the successful completion of two courses of the Unit TIME (project seminar excluded).

2.) Foundations of scientific work:

Sufficient knowledge of designing and writing academic papers as well as of basic academic research methods is expected. Before your first consultation, please make sure you are familiar with all relevant approaches, regulations and quality criteria. The university library offers an extensive repertoire of respective guidebooks and literature for this purpose.

We require that all relevant means of literature research are used. These particularly include relevant journal databases (e.g. EBSCO, ISI Web, JSTOR, ScienceDirect). Open access to most papers in the databases as well as on publishers’ and journals’ websites is granted when using the university internet access or VPN-client.

1.) Choice of topic and procedure:

Option A: Topics are proposed in a list below. 
If you are interested in one of the topics, please have a first look into the key words to you make sure you understand the content.

Option B: No topics are proposed.

You develop your own topic as a suggestion, which should be related to our department’s research areas. We are happy to supervise final papers in cooperation with business partners. However, your paper must have a clear focus on a scientific objective and use an appropriate research method. Before your first consultation, please consider the following aspects:

  • Possible research subject
  • Possible research question (What question do you want to answer in your paper?)
  • Possible research method and approach (How do you want to answer your research question?)

2.) First consultation

After choosing your topic, please arrange an appointment for a first consultation. This should be no earlier than roughly four to eight weeks (option A) or six to ten weeks (option B) prior to your preferred start date. Please note that for reasons of fairness and equality spots cannot be reserved.

3.) Exposé

After your first consultation you will have to write an exposé, which serves to defining and narrowing your topic. The exposé must be handed in at least three days prior to your next consultation and will be discussed with your supervisor. It should be written according to the scientific standard and include first sources. Sources must be listed in a bibliography at the end of the exposé and must be in accordance with the department’s formal regulations for final papers. Note that writing an exposé is no addition to your work on the final paper but helps to define your topic!

Once your precise topic is decided (in accordance with the department), your thesis has to be registered at the examination office immediately. 

4.) Plagiarism and deception

When writing your final paper, please pay attention to the following information sheet: Handreichung für Studierende zum Thema Plagiat und Täuschung.