Teaching concept and course program

Our teaching concept  is based on a broad course program in the field of technology, innovation management and entrepreneurship.


  • Application-oriented imparting of scientifically sound knowledge in the field of technology and innovation management
  • Providing comprehensive theory- and practice-oriented qualification opportunities through courses (lectures, seminars) and student advisory services
  • Outstanding, extensive supervision of students’ final papers with a focus on technology, innovation and management
  • Successful transfer of latest scientific findings from research projects and academic publications
  • Accomplishing a high level of quality and innovativeness in teaching as well as providing possibilities for co-determination and co-creation
  • Use of interactive teaching and learning methods focusing on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Problem-Oriented Learning (POL)


  • Bachelor: Basic modules
    • BWL 1a: Business Management / Strategy and performance processes (part a) (3 CP)
  • Bachelor: Major in Business Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik), Supply Chain- und Innovations­management (SP 3, PO 2013) / Management, Innovation and Marketing (PO 2020)
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (6 CP)
    • Strategic Technology Management (6 CP)
    • Case Study Seminar Innovation Management (6 CP)
  • Master: Master Profile Digital Business / Management and Marketing (PO 2017)
    • Business Model Innovation (6 CP)
    • New Product Development (6 CP)
    • Innovation Project Management (6 CP)
    • Innovation Marketing (6 CP)
    • Strategic Entrepreneurship (6 CP)
    • Project seminar: Selected Topics of Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (6 CP)