SAP TS410 Course

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Dates for the winter semester 23/24

  • Application deadline: From now on mail to  info[at]ernst-schulten[dot]de
  •  The participants will be informed by e-mail. 
  • Course delivery: German course full-time: 26.08.2024 to 04.09.2024 virtually via Zoom (daily from 09:00 to 15:00)
  • No dates at the weekend
  • End of the application deadline: 19.08.2024
  • If you are unable to attend the course due to exam date clashes with other modules, please contact us at weber[at]uni-kassel[dot]de 


Students of the University of Kassel have the unique opportunity to attend a SAP TS410 course with the SAP consultant Mr. Schulten (M. Sc.). This includes an overview as well as the transfer of more than 10 of the most relevant topics and business processes in SAP. Each course participant has the further possibility to obtain a recognized SAP certificate through a subsequent examination.

In principle, the SAP certification course TS410 can also be booked and completed by all interested persons directly at SAP SE without having to meet any special requirements (see again the hyperlink above).

In contrast, for participation in a university course, it is mandatory that participants are enrolled(at the time of registration!) at an institution in the education sector.

While the former alternative costs 7,250.00 Euro net, the course fees at your university are 400.00 Euro. Each student can book the examination of an additional 150.00 euros at the end of the course. You will receive more information about this during the course.

There will be the possibility to refund the exam fee through the university(150€). To do so, please fill out the corresponding application and send it to:

Course participation opens up for every student of the University of Kassel after complete completion of the first semester.

To apply, students must submit the application form and a current grade transcript, via email with the subject line "Application SAP TS410 WS22/23" to  info[at]ernst-schulten[dot]de by the application deadline.

Applications for which documents (application form, grade transcript) are missing, the grade transcript is not current, the subject is worded incorrectly, or the application is submitted outside the application deadline (both earlier and later) will not be considered further in the application process.

Participants for the SAP TS410 course will be selected by lottery from all accepted applications.

The   participants will be informed by mail. 

The publication of the results usually takes about a week. The corresponding link is valid for 6 weeks. In order to have the grades registered, a registration in HISPOS is necessary.
You can decide yourself if you want to have the grade registered or if you only want to receive a certificate of attendance.

To have the grade registered, please send an e-mail with your result to:

Registration form