... to the Chair of Environmental and Behavioral Economics, represented by Prof. Dr. Astrid Dannenberg. We research and teach in the fields of environmental and behavioral economics. Specifically, we apply methods of behavioral economics to investigate environmentally relevant aspects of human behavior, to better understand the cause of environmental problems, and to develop proposals for their solution.

Latest publications

Ferraro , Paul J., Todd L. Cherry, Jason F. Shogren et al. (2023), Create a culture of experiments in environmental programs, Science 381 (6659), 735-737

Koessler, Ann-Kathrin, Julia Müller, Sonja Zitzelsberger (2023), Asymmetric Heterogeneities and the Role of Transfers in a Public Goods Experiment, European Economic Review, 104561

Dannenberg, Astrid, Eva Weingärtner (2023), The Effects of Observability and an Information Nudge on Food Choice, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 120, 102829