MAGKS doctoral program

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The MAGKS program offers doctoral students in economics at the participating universities(Marburg,Aachen, Giessen,Göttingen,Kassel andSiegen = MAGKS) an excellent basis for their doctoral work and is thus intended to increase the quality of doctoral education.

The target group is thus the doctoral students of the participating departments. Linked to this is the claim to significantly raise the quality of doctoral training and to promote the integration of doctoral theses into international research.

The MAGKS Program

Starting point and motivation

The program has a special model character, because existing inter-university organized doctoral programs in Germany typically take place within the framework of a graduate college, i.e. the participants concentrate entirely on the doctoral studies.

In contrast, structured support for research assistants and external doctoral students outside the chairs has rarely taken place.

The starting point for the urgency of improving teaching is the experience that the course content taught in graduate programs typically has a large gap with the research literature.

This gap is being reduced by the introduction of research-oriented master's programs, but it is unlikely to disappear completely. Therefore, it makes sense to offer Ph.D. students special courses that provide compact and methodologically rigorous in-depth coverage of essential core topics in economics. It is important here to guarantee, on the one hand, a thorough education in core areas of economics and, on the other hand, to make it possible to focus on special research topics.

MAGKS portal and info about the current teaching offer for PhD students

  • Further, current information, such as the current course schedule and an overview of the active MAGKS teachers and participants, can be found on the MAGKS homepage.

Discussion and working papers of the MAGKS

  • The discussion and working papers of the MAGKS members can be found here.
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Hayo (Uni Marburg) coordinates the MAGKS Discussion Paper Series.