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First unIT-e² site report published

The integration of electric vehicles into the energy system poses a variety of challenges. Which of these construction sites will be addressed in the project and which concepts do we want to analyze in the process? The unIT-e² consortium will answer these questions after the first year of the project in the unIT-e² construction site report. This report addresses a number of key topics for each of the project's various fields and derives the problems to be solved from the current situation, provides initial approaches for further development, and summarizes the need for legal and political adjustments.
With a content status of November 2022, the report was created in the project phase before the start of the field tests in the clusters. Accordingly, the concrete preparation and design of the field tests is not part of the document; a second site report is being planned for this purpose around the end of 2023, which will focus on the practical implementation of the developed concepts and initial experiences from implementation.

unIT-e² site report