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The Chair of Applied Microeconomics and Empirical Energy Economics (MEE), represented by Prof. Dr. Heike Wetzel, deals with economic and behavioral economic issues that, in combination with the development of new technologies, lead to sustainable energy and resource use.

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Von Loessl, V., Weingärtner, E., Zitzelsberger, S. (2023)

Do spatial climate messages increase pro-environmental engagement? Evidence from a survey experiment on public transport

Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy 12(2), 168-187.

Gunnar, G., Wetzel, H., Ziegler, A. (2023)

Determinants of individual sustainable investment behavior - A framed field experiment

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 209, 491-508.

Feine, G., Groh, E. D., von Loessl, V., Wetzel, H. (2023)

The double dividend of social information in charitable giving; Evidence from a framed field experiment

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 101991.

Fait, L., Wetzel, H., Krüger, J., Tarach, M. (2023)

Ineffizienz und Emissionseinsparungen: Quantitative Ergebnisse auf sektoraler Ebene

Perspektiven: Die Fachpublikation des House of Energy.

Haucap, J., Kühling, J., Amin, M.,  Brunekreeft, G., Fouquet, D., Grimm, V., Gundel, J., Kment, M., Ketter, W., Kreusel, J., Kreuter-Kirchhof, C., Liebensteiner, M., Moser, A., Ott, M., Rehtanz, C., Wetzel, H., Meinhof, J., Wagner, M., Borgmann, M., Stephanos, C. (2022)

Erneuerbare Energien effizient und wirksam fördern

Wirtschaftsdienst, 102(9), 694-702.

Dreher, A., Martmann, L. M., Lehna, M., Roelofs, C., Bergsträßer, J., Scholz, C., Slaby, W., Wetzel, H. (2022)

AI agents assessing flexibility: the value of demand side management in times of high energy prices

18th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM), 2022, 1-9.

Freier, J., von Loessl, V. (2022)

Dynamic electricity tariffs: Designing reasonable pricing schemes for private households

Energy Economics 112, 106146.

Dannenberg, A., Johansson-Stenman, O., Wetzel, H. (2022)

Status for the Good Guys: An Experiment on Charitable Giving

Economic Inquiry 60 (2), 721-740.