Basics of monetary policy and theory

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  • Start: 04.11.2020
  • Place: Online! (Moodle)
  • Time:  the lecture is uploaded on moodle on wednesdays.
  • Classification: Bachelor PO 2013: SP5 (EBGo) und elective modul B23
  • Examination: written exam at the 17.02.2021
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge from economics course VWL I-III 
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  • This semester short presentations will not be part of the course 
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  • general tips: 
    • Link to the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics here.
      • good as research source and for additional preparation and revision for the lecture .
      • online available in the university network (on campus or via VPN)
    • Link to the electronic periodicals database: Elektronischen Zeitschriftendatenbank (EZB)
    • general comments about short presentations: here
    • link collection of the economics chair: hier

Seminar on international trade

  • Date: tuesday, 8am to 12pm

  • Duration: 05.11.2020-18.02.2021

  • Classification: Bachelor PO 2013: SP4 und SP5, elective module B23

  • Peculiarity: Due to the recent situation you will sonn receive further information on whether the course will be held online or in person.

  • PRIOS procedure: Please note, that you need to register for the course using the PRIOS procedure

  • Examination: Presentation + written composition

  • Prerequisite: Knowledge from the Basics of Economics Courses VWL I-III

  • Seminar-Topics: Seminar-Topics

  • Ressources: see Moodle

Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)