Pro­paedeut­ics Math­em­at­ics

Information on Mathematics Propaedeutics in Economics.

On this page you will find information about the mathematics propaedeutic offers of the FB 07.

Contact person for propaedeutics is Dr. Stefan Büchele (+49 561 804-3035, Mail: buechele[at]uni-kassel[dot]de).

Within the framework of the Quality Pact for Teaching (duration until 12/2020), various propaedeutic measures have been implemented at the department, which will now continue to be offered.

Propaedeutic Offers

Every year in the fall (September/October), a two-week preliminary course is offered for first-year students of economics before the start of the winter semester. Within the framework of the preliminary course, central school mathematics and mathematical contents important for the prospective study of economics are repeated. Further information is available here.

In each semester, a four-hour bridge course is offered parallel to the lecture "Mathematics for Economics I". The bridge course is especially designed for participants of the main lecture and is coordinated with it. The aim of the bridge course is therefore the targeted review of missing mathematical basics in order to be able to follow the main lecture without gaps. You can find the latest semester information here.

The Math Meeting is a weekly open and supervised learning environment in which students can work independently on mathematical learning content in individual, partner or group work. Guidance and assistance is provided by teachers who support the students individually and purposefully according to the principle of "minimal help". You can find the latest semester information here.

The participants of the course "Mathematics for Economics I" have access to electronic short tests with automated feedback. With the help of these short tests, a differentiated learning control by the students can take place. The short tests can be found on the current Moodle page of the course "Mathematics for Economics I".