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Particularly due to demographic change and declining financial resources of the public sector, an economic operation of local public transport is often hardly possible, especially in rural areas. Against this background, the present project will investigate how the potential for sharing private mobility resources and networking them with public mobility resources can be improved in rural regions.

Through the predecessor project "Mobilfalt", the North Hessian Transport Association (NVV) has established a service in three North Hessian pilot regions since April 2013, in which private carpooling is linked with public transport. Here, the classic scheduled bus service in the region is supplemented by private ride-sharing offers, so-called "Mobilfalt rides".

The project "Shared and Networked Mobility Services (GetMobil) - Initialization, Implementation, Impact and Propagation with Special Consideration of Rural Areas" is now investigating which obstacles and requirements are placed on this mobility concept from the user's perspective. From this, concrete measures are to be derived and implemented by the NVV for Mobilfalt. Partially, the developed measures will be tested in so-called "real-life experiments" already during the project in order to assess the actual potential for improving the Mobilfalt offer.

Within the framework of GetMobil, the Department of Public Law, in particular Environmental and Technical Law, is investigating the legal implications of ride-sharing services in general and in particular with regard to the linking of private and public services. In particular, questions of planning law, road and traffic law, company and commercial law, contract and liability law, as well as telemedia and data protection law will be examined.

The joint project is being conducted by the Department of Environmental and Behavioral Economics (Prof. Beckenbach), the Department of Transportation Planning and Systems (Prof. Sommer) and the Department of Public Law, in particular Environmental and Technical Law (Prof. Roßnagel), together with the Nordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund (NVV) as a practical partner.

More information about the project is also available on the joint project page at!

Project info

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

April 2015 - March 2018

Project Officer:
Prof. Dr. Alexander Roßnagel

Prof. Dr. Anja Hentschel
Simon Kaser