A warm welcome

The Institute of Economic Law (IWR) offers an interesting range of courses in business law,  particularly the Bachelor of Economic Law and masters’ courses in Eonomic Law, Environmental and Energy Law as well as Social Law and Social Economics. The IWR is also responsible for the legal elements taught for economics and many other degree courses.  

The IWR's specialist areas of research cover the full range of economic law from a specifically legal perspective and are both interconnected and interdisciplinary in orientation. Special emphasis is placed on what are modern and highly relevant fields at this time, in particular the law related to digital transformation as well as environmental, employment and social law. The IWR also contributes the activities of its specialist legal departments to university-wide research networks. Beyond its individual research priorities and projects in its specialist fields, the IWR also coordinates cooperation in the areas of economic law, e-commerce, the economic analysis of the law, energy and environmental law as well as vocational training law.

The IWR helps to solve problems in business law in Europe as well as in Germany – and particularly here in the region of Northern Hesse. Its members advise governments, ministries and parliaments at both federal and state levels, as well as companies, associations and trade unions.