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Security Impact Assessment Measure - A decision support system for security technologies

The SIAM decision support system will ease the complexity associated with the assessment of security measures and technologies. Where today decision makers have to oversee a wide range of relevant aspects from many different scientific fields and national as well as cultural interests, SIAM will pass the needed information in a structured manner to the decision maker. It ties together those strands and reduces their complexity by providing a number of guidelines and a database for easy decision making.

One major impact is that SIAM will continue to close the gap between the perspective of preventing or disturbing criminal threats and the perspective of potential freedom infringements associated with many security measures and technologies.

Furthermore, by conducting four case studies featuring a significant level of security measures and technologies SIAM integrates the practical experience with such technologies into the decision support system. As it will be flanked by extensive literature reviewing and the gathering of the wisdom of Europe’s leading security and civil rights experts the practitioner perspective will be extended by state of the art knowledge.

Beyond that SIAM is building an actor network to initialise the relationships needed for sustained cooperation and future fruitful interaction in the field of security. Participative elements such as stakeholder conferences open up the security field to a wider public and include more actors in the process.




European Commission


February 2011 - January 2014

Project Leader:

Prof. Dr. Alexander Roßnagel

Christian Geminn