Info for first-year students

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Dealing with the Corona virus
Please inform yourself on the corresponding information page:
Ak­tu­el­le In­for­ma­ tio ­nen ofthe University of Kassel on dealing with­the Corona virus

Dear first-year students,
we would like to welcome you to the University of Kassel. The student council will meet you for the first time during the O-week.

We will organize your O-Week and offer information sessions to answer your questions.

Already in September there will be WhatsApp groups created by us especially for you. Via the ERSTI platform (WhatsApp group for all first-year students at the Faculty 07) you can access the subgroups that relate to your individual study program. I.e. for each study program there is a Ersti group, in which we can clarify your questions and you can network with each other before the start.

We would also like to ask you to follow us on Instagram @fs07unikassel. Here we inform you about the work of the student council and about our events for the student body. You can also ask us your questions via Instagram