Our research profile is interdisciplinary and oriented towards the future. It focuses on four major fields of study: Economic Behaviour and Governance (EB&Go), Digital Transformation (DITRA), Acquiring Skills & Entrepreneurship (KENT) and Sustainability, Energy and the Environment (NEU). These departments are tackling the key challenges of our day and are shedding some light on topics that are particularly relevant from a social, economic, scientific, legal, technological, environmental or educational policy point of view. Our economic and legal research is designed to be international and interdisciplinary. As we are committed to the University of Kassel’s overriding research profile, we are developing innovative network research initiatives and are maintaining strategic partnerships with leading domestic and international research institutes. We are pleased to be able to state that the estimated amount of research funding from outside sources is constantly increasing.

Ma­jor fields of re­search for the Fac­ulty of Eco­nom­ics and Man­age­ment

Di­­gi­­tal Tran­s­­­for­­ma­­ti­on (DI­T­­RA)

Ac­qui­­ring Skills & En­­­­tre­­pre­­neur­ship (KENT)

Eco­­­no­­mic Be­ha­­viour & Go­­ver­­­­n­an­ce (EB&Go)

Sus­tai­n­a­­bi­­li­­ty, En­­­er­­gy and the En­­­vi­ron­­­ment (NEU)

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Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Con­cepts in Urban and Rural Con­texts

Many existing sustainability measures and innovations are adapted to the needs of urban areas. Still, they are either not offered at all in rural areas (e.g., car-sharing) or require a massive effort to be usable or practical (e.g., ride-sharing). Against this background, our research aims to understand the consumers’ conceptualization of sustainability in urban and rural areas and show to what extent innovations and their associated dynamics with the consequences for marketers differ. In this way, we contribute to closing the attitude-behavior gap of sustainability.

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