Ac­qui­ring Skills & En­tre­pre­neurship (KENT)


The “Acquiring Skills & Entrepreneurship“ (KENT) field of research is investigating the conditions, procedures and consequences of acquiring professional qualifications as well as personal and social skills, particularly entrepreneurial thinking and action, which are important in the modern working world both for dependent and independent, therefore self-employed work up to and including work as a  company founder or entrepreneur. The field of research includes both a national and international perspective.

The areas being investigated in this field of research cover formal skill acquisition processes at (vocational) colleges and on training courses, in initial academic training and in academic and non-academic further training; but the research also includes the formal and informal acquisition of skills at the workplace and in everyday (work) situations. The specialist areas assigned to this field of research will develop and introduce their disciplinary point of view within the topic, which will have an economic, psychological, technology-related, educational etc. focus, depending on their point of reference. In line with this, the KENT field of research represents interdisciplinary and innovative research partnerships.