Ac­qui­ring Skills & En­tre­pre­neurship (KENT)

Linkage with research foci of the university

The research focus "Competence Acquisition and Entrepreneurship" is related to four main research areas of the University of Kassel.

  • First, there is the research focus "Socially Beneficial Information Technology Design", which focuses on the interdisciplinary design of socially desirable information and communication technology from a socio-technical perspective. In this context, research on the acquisition of competencies can provide important information, among other things, for the design of IT systems.
  • There is a content-related connection to the research focus "Industrial Systems Engineering - Simulation of Technical Systems", within which it is investigated how industrial production and automation can be designed more effectively and which methods, simulation procedures and materials are necessary for this. In this context, the research focus can provide insights into which competencies are required for working in automated value chains and how these can be created within the workforce.
  • "CoCompetence Acquisition and Entrepreneurship" can be integrated into the research focus "Empirical Education Research and Higher Education Research". Thus, the development of the organization of higher education in curricular and, if applicable, extracurricular respects as well as with regard to the consideration and, if applicable, design of its corresponding organizational, social and systemic boundary conditions plays an important role in the acquisition of competencies, especially also in entrepreneurial competencies.
  • There are connections to the research focus "Social Policy, Development Policy and Decent Work" when curricula are transferred or/and (further) developed or modified in the areas of school, training, professional dependent or self-employed activity with partners there and thus made accessible to a scientific gain of knowledge. This also applies to findings and questions from the field of informal learning. Here, in particular, a proximity to the DAAD-funded Center of Excellence ICDD is to be noted.