07/11/2023 | Strukturelle Molekulare Dynamik

Logistical challenge: The delivery of the laser tables

Three steel tables, up to 4 m long, up to 1.5 m wide, 46 cm high. Total weight: 2.7 tons. Long awaited, now they are to be delivered raising the question “How to get them into the laser lab in the basement?”

Discussions with the technical building services as well as simple measurements showed quickly that the dimensions and weight of the laser tables apparently exclude the usual route via door and elevator. The alternative was a light well with direct access to the basement. A crane was installed on the lawn in front of the building to lift the packages off the truck and into the well.

In the basement special pallet trucks took over for the further transfer to the laboratory. Here, the doors and hallway corners turned out to be the challenge. Luckily, the previous calculations proved correct: the tables fit through the aisles as planned with a clearance of just a few centimeters and could finally be set up in the intended location.

Special thanks go to our technical employee, Mr. Christian Gerbig, and Mr. Krempel from Real Estate Management at the University of Kassel.