Welcome to the Institute of Physics

The central research focus of the Institute of Physics, which currently consists of ten working groups and one junior professorship, lies in the highly topical fields of nanostructure sciences and modern optics, including laboratory astrophysics, quantum optics and optoelectronics. In addition, the research area Didactics of Physics is represented at the institute.

The Institute of Physics offers a consecutive Bachelor's/Master's program in physics. The physics bachelor's program is characterized by intensive supervision and a variety of support measures to counter different previous knowledge. A wide range of options from the engineering and natural sciences offer individual emphases. In the Master's program, students have the opportunity to specialize in lasers, nanostructures, semiconductor applications, magnetism, light-matter interaction, and astrophysics. In the Master's program, our students work for one year in current research in their fields.


The Institute of Physics is also intensively involved in the Bachelor's/Master's program in Nanostructure Sciences. In addition, the Institute is responsible for the basic physical education in the engineering sciences, as well as for the other natural sciences.

In addition to the specialist disciplines, at the Institute of Physics you can also study physics as a teacher for the school types grammar school, secondary school and vocational school. The teacher training courses are characterised by integrated modules between subject science and subject didactics, which enable an intensive combination of these two study focuses from the first semester onwards. Kassel thus relies on a highly up-to-date and innovative teacher training programme. In addition, physics didactics makes a considerable contribution to the education of students in the subject of teaching materials in primary schools.