Re­search groups

Re­search in Phys­ics Edu­ca­tion

Research in Physics Education
Prof. Dr. Rita Wodzinski

Research in Physics Education: Forward


Experimentalphysics I
Prof. Dr. Kilian Singer

Light-Matter-Interaction: Forward


Experimentalphysics II
Prof. Dr. René Matzdorf

Surfacephysics: Forward

Femto­second­spec­tro­scopy and
Ul­tra­fast Laser­con­trol

Experimentalphysics III
Prof. Dr. Thomas Baumert

Femtosecondspectroscopy and<br>Ultrafast Lasercontrol: Forward

Func­tional thin Films and Phys­ics
with Syn­chro­tron Ra­di­ation


Experimentalphysics V
Prof. Dr. Thomas Giesen

Laboratoryastrophysics: Forward

Quantum Op­tics and Mo­lecu­lar Quan­tum­tech­no­lo­gies

Experimentalphysik VI
Prof. Dr. Daqing Wang

Quantum Optics and Molecular Quantumtechnologies: Forward

Struc­tural Mo­lecu­lar Dy­nam­ics

Heisenberg Professorship
Prof. Dr. Jochen Mikosch

Structural Molecular Dynamics: Forward

Semi­con­duct­or­phys­ics, Nano­struc­tur­ing Tech­no­lo­gies and Ana­lysis

Technological Physics
Prof.. Dr. Johann Peter Reithmaier

Semiconductorphysics, Nanostructuring Technologies and Analysis: Forward

The­ory of low-di­men­sional and nano­struc­tured ma­ter­i­als

Con­densed Mat­ter Phys­ics and Ul­tra­fast Phe­nom­ena

Theoretical Physics II
Prof. Dr. Martin E. Garcia

Condensed Matter Physics and Ultrafast Phenomena: Forward

Mac­ro­scopic Quantum Elec­tro­dynam­ics

Theoretical Physics III
Prof. Dr. Stefan Buhmann

Macroscopic Quantum Electrodynamics: Forward

The­or­et­ical Atomic and Mo­lecu­lar Phys­ics

Theoretical Physics I
apl. Prof. Dr. Philipp Demekhin

Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics: Forward

Emer­itus pro­fess­ors

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Theoretical Physics
Prof. em. Dr. Burkhard Fricke

Fricke: Forward

Research in Physics Education

Research in Physics Education
Prof. em. Dr. Kay Spreckelsen