Fields of expertise

Chem­istry of Meso­scopic Sys­tems

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Faust

Mass Spectrometry, GC-MS
Contact person: Dr. Sven Fürmeier

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Di­dactics of Chem­istry

Phys­ical Chem­istry of Nan­o­ma­ter­i­als

Prof. Dr. Claudia Backes
apl. Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuhrmann-Lieker

Phys­ical Chem­istry of Nan­o­ma­ter­i­als: Read More

Chem­ical Hy­brid Ma­ter­i­als

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Pietschnig

NMR, contact person: Dr. Martin Maurer

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Or­gano­metal­lic Chem­istry

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Siemeling

X-ray diffractometer
Contact person: Dr. Clemens Bruhn

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Computational Chemistry of Nanomaterials

CINSaT - Center for Interdisciplinary Nanostructure Science and Technology

The goal of the Scientific Center CINSaT is to advance basic research in the field of nanostructures, to help shape an important future technology, and to contribute to strengthening Hessen as a high-tech location through efficient technology transfer. The following working groups of the Institute of Chemistry are involved in this project:

  • Chemistry of Mesoscopic Systems
  • Chemical Hybrid Materials
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry of Nanomaterials