The JungChemikerForum (JCF) is the organization of the young members of the GDCh. The YoungChemists include the approximately 9,000 student, trainee and young members of the GDCh. The JCF is divided into local regional forums, whose activities enrich the offerings at their respective locations. The JungChemikerForum is represented at almost all universities.

Regionales JungChemikerForum Kassel


As a young forum, motivated students have been involved in the JCF Kassel since 2005 as a link between university and industry on the one hand and university and schools on the other hand for the transfer of knowledge and skills in the natural sciences.


Not full-blooded chemists, but with heart and soul! We are a group of students from the study programs Nanostructure Sciences and Teaching Chemistry, who are not only interested in chemistry, but in natural sciences in general.


All interested young chemists (and those who want to become one) are cordially invited to the regular meetings, which the members of our small forum use for networking, exchanging ideas and organizing various events.


Located in the heart of Germany, many roads lead to us. In addition to the scientific aspects, Kassel offers a unique scenic and cultural diversity whose charm is hard to resist.