09.10.2023 | Institut für Mathematik | Analysis und Angewandte Mathematik

Variational and Geometric Structures for Evolution

CIRM conference Variational and Geometric Structures for Evolution

Trento - Levico Terme (Italy) - October 09-13, 2023

Venue: Hotel Bella Vista 

Organizing Committee: 

  • Dorothee Knees (U Kassel)
  • Riccarda Rossi (U Brescia)
  • Giuseppe Savare (U Milano Bocconi)
  • Marita Thomas (FU & WIAS Berlin)


Over the last years, the exploration and identification of variational and geometric structures for evolutionary problems has emerged with a prominent role in their mathematical analysis. The workshop will focus on the recent developments in this topic, with applications to dissipative models and systems governed by reaction-diffusion mechanisms.

The conference will also mark the 65th birthday of our colleague and friend Alexander Mielke, whose work has set a cornerstone in this field.

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