Software to control the Quantum Analogs

This program has been developed to measure spectra with the "Quantum Analogs" apparatus. It is based on the sound card and can be used with Windows (all recent versions). It allows to measure spectra in all resonators and the amplitude as function of angle in the "atom" and the "molecule". The spectra can be analyzed by peak fitting. All data can be saved as ASCII-files and image-files. Students can use the program at home to analyze their data and to prepare the figures for their report.

The program can be downloaded for free. It has been tested carefully with different versions of Windows and different sound cards. However, we cannot give any warranty that it will work with your individual computer. With downloading the program you agree that any liability is excluded.

SpectrumSLC 8.2 comes as 32bit and 64bit version. It provides best compatibility with recent hard- and software and provides more styles for the figures, which can now be saved in EPS and various graphic formats. 

Download: (Version 8.2)

For installation download the zip-file and unpack it. There are two directories included for the 32bit and the 64bit version, respectively. Each contains an exe-file and a dll-file. The dll-file needs to be in the same directory as the exe-file, when running the program. Don't mix up the dll-files, which are different for both versions. It is convenient to keep the files in their directories and put a shortcut to the prefered exe-file on your desktop.