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From moths, mosquitoes, and humans

Who hasn't been annoyed by pests on plants, foods or on their own bodies? Synthetic or plant-based agents can repel or kill these pests.

The oil from the leaves and fruits of the neem tree(Melia azedarach) is applicable for soap, medicinal purposes and as an insecticide. Its feed inhibitors and contact poisons are highly effective against insects, nematodes and mites, yet spare mammals and birds.

The liana Derris elliptica from Borneo contains the fish and insect poison Rotenon in its roots. It is grown in homegardens for decades, and in plantations of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. But useful crops can also become plagues: Derris is an aggressive invasive in Hawaii and Fiji!

Some plants repel insects with their scent: learn about patchouli and vetiver in the orangery!