Sec­tions / Fa­cil­it­ies

Soil and plant sci­ence

An­imal sci­ence

SectionHead of Section

Farm Ani­mal Be­ha­viour and Ani­mal Hus­bandry

Prof. Dr. Ute Knierim

Ani­mal Nut­ri­ti­on and Ani­mal Health

Prof. Dr. Albert Sundrum

Ani­mal Hus­bandry in the Tro­pics and Sub­tro­pics

Prof. Dr. Eva Schlecht

Animal Breeding

Prof. Dr. Dirk Hinrichs


Eco­nomic, so­cial and food sci­ences

Hon­or­ary and non-sched­uled pro­fess­or­ships, private lec­ture­ships