Alumni reports

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As part of the anniversary in 2021 of 50 years of the University of Kassel and 40 years of commitment of the Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences to organic agriculture, former students from five decades report on their time studying in Witzenhausen and their professional development. The reports will be continued one by one.

The contributions come from agricultural practice, from extension, from associations, from international cooperation. They come from Witzenhausen, from Germany and from abroad. They show the diversity of our alumni, the diversity of their places of work and places. However, there are also astonishing commonalities in the retrospectives.

The alumni reports are also available in printed form together with an account of the development of organic agriculture and food management as well as the course of studies in organic agriculture.

The volume can be obtained free of charge from the university association or the dean's office of the department.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

Holger Mittelstraß (for the Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences)

Dr. Daniela Schwarz and Hans Hemann (for the Witzenhausen University Association)

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