Past Doctorate Graduations

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NameDissertation Title
Abaker Mohammed Omer, ElhadyDesigning breeding programs for improving milk yield performance of indigenous dairy cattle in Sudan (Prof. Dr. Hinrichs)
Agbotui, Deogratias KofiSustainability of traditional cocoa agroforests in Ghana (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Al-Sidawi, RamiEmbracing the risks and the potentials for a sustainable
dairy value chain in Georgia: Assessment of dairy value chain
sustainablility, constraints and opportunities in Kvemo Kartli
region, Georgia (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Benzing, BirgitConcepts, methods and methodologies in animal welfare research (Prof. Dr. Knierim)
Cavael, UlrikeTree Vigour in Apple Production: Impact of Replant Disease aand Mitigation Strategies (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Fust, PascalGrazing effects and resource use by large herbivores in arid and semi-arid rangelands: Advancements of analysis through high resolution spatio-temporally dynamic modeling (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Hossain, Md KamalDenaturation mechanism of whey protein by using the hot extrusion technology (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Keller, Diana SusanImplementation of target-oriented approaches in antibiotic and homeopathic treatment of acute bovine clinical mastitis in dairy practice (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Khan, Khawar SaeedDevelopment of a decentralized solar assisted milk pasteurizer and improved chiller for rural communities (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Kretschmer, SebastianTransformative Driving Forces in Organic
Food Systems: A Roadmap towards the Sustainable Development Goals (Prof. Dr. Herzig)
Memic, Emir"Combining crop growth models with the Precision
Agriculture concept of yield gap analysis to evaluate yield
limiting and reducing factors" (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Otunchieva, AiperiNutrition transition in Kyrgyzstan: Understanding triple burden of malnutrition and the importance of dietary quality (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Rumphorst, TheresaInter- and intraindividual variation in energy supply of dairy cows
and the potentials of animal individual energy balancing (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Schulz, LisaAssesment of the variation of marbling and intramuscular fat content of beef, and validation of possible factors to increase sensory beef quality (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Sagittarius, NoraAnalysing determinants, patterns of interaction, and performance of polycentric water governance in Spain (Prof. Dr. Thiel)
Timaeus, Johannes FriedrichTowards crop communities:
exploring wheat diversity, wheat-pea species mixtures and farming practice
in a food system context (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Tran, Thuy ThanhDiffusion of Material Flow Cost Accounting and its Contribution to Sustainable Development (Prof. Dr. Herzig)
NameDissertation title
Eib, SabrinaAnalysis of key pungent compounds in mustard products: A comparison of sensory and chemical-analytical determinations (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Erko, Kuma GowwomsaModeling, Simulation, and Characterization of the Drying Process on Agricultural Products (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Gardis von Gersdorff, Johanna ElisabethInvestigation of drying behavior and color development of beef slices for development of non-invasive monitoring approaches (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Greenberg, IsabelRobustness of portable and laboratory-based visible/near - and mid-infrared spectroscopy for the optimized determination of temporally and spatially variable soil properties (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Hahne, Janalisa FränziThe relation of food business with nature - an investigation of ecological accounts of the food industry (Prof. Dr. Herzig)
Ismael, DianaDevelopment of a New Methodology in Sensory Science to Detect the Intention-Behaviour Gap in Organic Food Consumption and Investigate the Effect of this Gap on Consumer's Subjective Wellbeing (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Kilian, David ImmanuelVegan Organic Foods as Seen by Consumers with Different Dietary Styles (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Kissi, Evans AppiahGovernance of Decent Work in Agricultural Globalization (Prof. Dr. Herzig)
Menger, Anna KatharinaChallenges in the communication and marketing of products of endangered livestock breeds (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Nawaz, Muhammad ArslanAssessment and use of sea buckthorn and apple diversitx in northern Pakistan (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Qi, XinGreen food consumption: Studies on conssumers' purchase intentions and the intention-behavior gap in the Chinese context (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Raut, SharvariDeterminants of resource use and use efficiency in urban and peri-urban dairy, beef cattle and pig production units in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (West Africa)
Md Saleh, Rosalizan BintiOptimizing drying processes for agricultural products utilising non-invasive measurement and adaptive control systems (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Stefanovic, LillianaInvestigation of potential drying strategies for quality maintenance of carrot (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Özgür, Günes ToksözBasis for monitoring the performance of Sustainable Development Goals in Organic Food Systems (Prof. Dr. Herzig)
Weerasekara, Permani ChandikaVolatile Compounds effects in Industrial Food Recipes using Food Pairing Method (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Wilczek, Ulrike StephanieFood commercialization, hidden hunger and malnutrition: a study of  Food and nutrition Security Focusing on the Marginalized Society in Sri Lanka (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Gumisiriza, RobertModeling acoustic monitoring of beet damage during the harvesting process (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Amo-Aidoo, ArabaEnhancement of Anaerobic Digestion of Banana Waste by Reactor Design and Substrate Pre-treatment for Improved Biogas Production (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Flower, LeonieSolar energy integration in agro-processing in the tropics; a case study of large and small-scale cassava processing (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Hoischen-Taubner, SusanneIntra- and inter-farm value creation potentials of indigenous protein sources in an ecologically oriented animal nutrition (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Schulze-Brüninghoff, DamianRemote sensing of yield and invasive species in nature conservation grasslands invaded by Lupinus polyphyllus (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
NameDissertation title
Addo, SowahAssesment of Genetic Diversity in local Breeds (Prof. Dr. Hinrichs)
Amprako, Louis KwakuChallenges to ecosystem services of sustainable agriculture in West Africa (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Bhople, ParagEffects of climate change on fungal community structure and organic matter turnover in soil profiles along elevation gradients in alpine ecosystems (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Fink, Leonie LindaSustainable diets: Studies on German consumers` intention-behavior gap (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Grüner, Esther LydiaThe potential of UAV-based remote sensing for the prediction of aboveground biomass and N fixation in legume-grass mixtures (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Höing, ChristianDevelopment of a robotic solution for slug control in agriculture (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Joseph, BenTechnical and Environmental Assessment of Energy and Material Production from Rural and Urban Residual Biomass (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Kelly, KatrinInvestigation of color spectra and their correlation with other product properties in different food drying processes (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Kyere, Isaac

Using Optical Satellite Imagery to Monitor and Understand Agricultural Land-cover Change (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)

Miyingo, Emmanuel WokuliraDevelopment of Energy use Profiles, Reduction concepts, and Implementation of Renewable Energies in the Central Ungandan Pineapple Processing Chains (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Ogolla, Jackline AkinyiDesign of a decentralised camel milk processing plant with intergration of renewable energy supply (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Reichenbach, MarionDairy production in an urbanizing environment A system approach in Bengaluru, India (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Shresta, LunaProcess optimisation and development of non-invasive monitoring approaches for the drying of apples (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Steinhauser, JohannFactors influencing consumers' gaze and purchase behavior for food products labeled with nutrition and health claims (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Wijesingha, Jayan Sri Jeewantha WijesinghaFine-scale grassland monitoring using unmanned aerial vehicle borne remote sensing (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Yusuf, DionisiusWomen Migrant Street Food Vendors in Tangerang (Indonesia) and Hat Yai (Thailand): Family, Labor, and Income (Prof. Dr. Troßbach)
NameDissertation Title
Ali, Asep Indra MunawarFeed digestibility, digesta passage, methane emissions and fecal microbial composition in African cattle production systems - the effects of undernutrition and supplementation (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Beuschel, RenéSpacial patterns of soil quality indicators within poplar- and willow-based silvo-arable and grassland alley cropping agroforestry systems in Germany (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Dayananda, SupriyaModeling nitrogen and fiber contents of major arable crops by spectral imaging (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Faust, SibylleControl of interactions of temperature, moisture and microbial turnover in soils by tillage (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Fehr, Andreas JohannesComposting of biogenic waste as resource management and contribution to climate protection using the example of Georgia (Prof. Dr. Herzig)
Friedrich, Markus StephanMethod development for the separation of different protein hydrolysates into peptide fractions by crossflow diafiltration & sensory evaluation of the fractions (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Huismann, Inga SilkeInvestigation and modeling ansatz on the influence of starch type and amount on the structural properties of cookie masses (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Young, LisaLaying hen welfare - The prevention of feather pecking and keel bone damage (Prof. Dr. Knierim)
Khanal, GunadhishManure application effects on nitrogen pools in a subtropical soil of Oman (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Kunz, Jens-PeterGlobal food safety management. Lead Quality Manager as a Coordination Mechanism in a Global Quality Organization for the Effective Management of Food Safety with Special Consideration of Cultural Differences (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
López Velarde Santos, MónicaUse of organic wastes of Agave processing for bioenergy production (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Mpouam, Serge EugeneDeterminants of resource use and use efficiency in urban and peri-urban dairy, beef cattle and pig production units in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (West Africa) (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Mwangi, James MainaResistance based integrated pest management strategy of Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida in potato cropping systems (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Olschewsky, AnnaInvestigation of the suitability of alternative turkey origins for an organic husbandry system (Prof. Dr. Knierim)
Sass, ElkeQuality management status quo and implementation at universities - an empirical study (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Schwarz, DanielaInvestigation on the development of a water-saving method for strip irrigation of perennial crops in field vegetable production (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Tröger, Katharine StephanieA systems approach to understanding post-harvest losses - insights from a case study of the pineapple value chain in Uganda (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
NameDissertation Title
Ahmad, AbeerDescription of the change in food culture in Saudi Arabia and its causes and significance for the health status of the population (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Al-Ansari, MahmoodStudy of pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms in soil, compost and goat manure nad their antagonistic interaction and effect on plant growth and yield in north Oman (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Arendt, SaskiaInvestigation and presentation of quality changes of agricultural products during drying (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Ashrafi, SamadIsolation and characterization of novel nematophagous fungi from eggs of the ceral cyst nematode Heterodera filipjevi and identifying their secondary metabolites with nematicidal activity (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Bilibio, CarolinaEvapotranspiration and drainage of potash tailings covers (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Braun-Münker, MyriamPackaging technology factors influencing easy opening and safe handling of consumer packaging (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Brummel, ReinholdDevelopment of a model for mapping process chains for renewable raw materials (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
née Erbach, Juliane
Effects of irrigation water quality on soil properties and crops in urban gardens of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Ebinghaus, AsjaHuman-Animal Relationship in Dairy Cows: Evaluation of measures for on-farm application and investigation of influences on cows' behavior towards humans (Prof. Dr. Knierim).
Ebrahimi, EhsanEffect of different types of soil conditioners (plant-derived composts and animal manure) and application methods on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of tomato and selected soil parameters (Prof. Dr. von Fragstein)
Fleischmann, SeverinProcessing of brewer's grains for optimized energetic and material utilization (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Forsido, Sirawdink FikreyesusUpgrading starchy staples for tackling malnutrition in South-West Ethiopia (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Garbaba, Chemeda AbedetaDevelopment of maize post-harvest loss reduction mechanism owing to Mycotoxin-producing fungi contamination along agro-ecology and supply chain in southwest Ethiopia (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Haddad, KarineHazard analysis in small to medium sized food enterprises (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Manka'Abusi, DelphineBiochar effects on carbon and nutrient fluxes during compost production and on wastewater irrigated soils in urban gardens of two West African cities (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Moss, Jan HendrikFurther development of indicators for the assesment of soil biodiversity using the example of earthworms and springtails (Collembola) with particilar reference to organic farming (Prof. Dr. Rahmann)
Nuts, AnjaEffects of grassland management intensification on dynamics of soil organic carbon and nitrogen in temperate grassland soils (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Papke, Greta CarolinSuitability of different technogenic substrates as recultivation layer in the context of a thin layer cover for potash tailings piles (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Parmar, AdityaPost-harvest handling practices and associated food losses in sweetpotato and cassava value chains of southern Ethiopia (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Roba, Guyo MalichaAn actor-oriented approach to analyze post-harvest losses: reducing economic loss in pastoral sheep and goat supply chains from northern Kenya (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Rödiger, ManikaStated and revealed willingness to pay for products with ethical attributes (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Schäufele, IsabelFactors influencing the purchase behavior of consumers for organic wine: an analysis of household panel data (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Schmitt, ChristianExperimental comparative studies on the pumping of food suspensions using different food-based model systems (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Taye, Addisalem HailuOptimization of drying process for better retention in quality of dried potato (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Weedon, Odette DeniseUsing crop genetic diversity to improve resilience: Agronomic potential of evolutionary breeding under differing management systems (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Withanachchi, Sisira SaddhamangalaSustainable water resource management for a safe food system in the republic of Georgia: a study of water quality governance, focusing the Mashavera river basin (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Withney, CoryAgrobiodiversity and nutrition in traditional cropping systems (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Zipp, KatharinaHow to tackle alveolar milk ejection problems during milking in dam rearing? - Influence of different stimuli in the parlour and effects of half-day compared to free contact (Prof. Dr. Knierim)
Adolwa, Ivan SolomonIntegrated soil fertility management in eastern and western Africa: The role of knowledge and innovation systems, its adoption and impact
Akoto-Danso, Edmund KeyNutrient and virtual water fluxes of vegetable production and food distribution in two West African cities
Allahverdiyeva, NaibaEconomic evaluation of transhumant sheep farms in the Gandja-Gasakh region/Azerbaijan
Blumenstein, BenjaminSustainable Intensification of organic and Low-Input Agriculture through Integrated Bioenergy Production
Bean, BjörnDevelopment and testing of a monitoring system for thermal weed control
Brumlop, Sarah KatharinaAgrobiodiversity through evolutionary plant breeding - System specific adaptation of agronomic and morphological traits and effective population size in composite cross populations of winter wheat
Ferguson-Kramer, VictoriaThe Suppressive Nature of Compost against Pythium spp: Evaluation of compost-based applications in two host pathogen systems using bioassays and molecular  fingerprinting
Feucht, YvonnePotentials and limits of sustainability communication - the cases of climate-friendly food and farmed fish
Fuckerer, KatharinaDevelopment of functional rye mix breads and rye flips and their acceptance by seniors
Gamba Fuica, FernandaStudies on the diversity of the main necrotrophic pathogens on wheat and barley Pyrenophora tritici-repentis and Cochliobolus sativus
Gider, DeniseConsumer-oriented communication of corporate social responsibility in the food industry and food trade
Grosse, MeikeThe influence of intercropping and reduced tillage in organic farming systems on nitrogen fluxes and weeds
Grunwald, DennisEffects of the application of biochar and organic fertilizers as well as temperature on soil carbon and aggregate dynamics
Koesling, MatthiasNitrogen and Energy Utilization on Conventional and Organic Dairy Farms in Norway
Muchilwa, Isaiah EtemoSensor Psychrometric Approaches to Mitigating Aflatoxins in Maize Dried on Farms in Kenya
Nasirahmadi, AbozarDevelopment of automated computer vision systems for investigation of livestock behaviours
Njoroge, Anastasia WanjiruAcoustic fingerprinting of postharvest insect pests'sound spectra for automatic identification of pests of stored  grains in kenya
Nurk, LiinaLaboratory and field experiment evaluation of alternatives for maize in biogas production
Nurmatov, NodirjonEnergetic utilization of urban leaves
Ohm, MagdalenaRole of grassland in phosphorus-flows in mixed organic farms
Ramadhan, Mwanaima RajabEffects of mild water restriction on digestion and nitrogen metabolism in a desert adapted goat breed
Risius, AntjeConsumer preferences and willingness to pay for sustainably produced trout and beef in Germany
Safari, HaniehCombined use of spectral signatures and ultrasonic sward height for the assessment of biomass and quality parameters in heterogeneous pastures
Schmidt, Jan HenrikConservation agriculture in organic farming: Impacts on weeds and plant-parasitic nematodes during the transition
Siberani, Robert WiliaterDeterminants of illegal migration: the case of migrant workers form East Java to Malaysia
Sisic, AdnanEvaluation of pathological risks associated with use of leguminous cover crop and living mulch species
Vormstein, SvendjaEffects of amount and composition of organic matter on turnover of carbon in different soil depths
Wüstholz, JessicaSilage of young used alfalfa (Medicago sativa) as native protein feed in organic poultry and pig feeding
Zöller, NikolasSustainable use of biogenic household waste by aerobic treatment of separately collected biogenic waste materials and the application of compost in agriculture in the South Caucasus

Al-Kanaan, Adnan Jabbar Jaddoa

Heat stress response for physiological traits in diary and dual purpose cattle populations on phenotypic and genetic scales

Amjad, Waseem

Design and development of a diagonal-airflow batch dryer for spatial drying homogeneity

Bloch, Ralf

The Vulnerability of Organic Farming to Climate Change Effects in the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany

Dührkoop, Andrea

Design and functional development of a self-controlling subsurface irrigation system

Frevert, Henning

Static modeling for estimation of genetic parameters for the trait eventing in the German Riding Horse

Ghayoor, Fatima

Diversity and nutritional properties of Pakistani dates: implications for sustainable value chain and decent living perspectives of rural housholds

Grahmann, Kathrin

Nitrogen use efficiency and optimization of nitrogen fertilizer application for stable yields and high quality of cereals grown in conservation agriculture

Hempel, Corinna

German consumers' attitudes and preferences with regard to organic food and food from different origins

Herold, Peter

Investigations on the performance potential of the use of working horses and modern horse-drawn technology in organic farming using the example of mowing in grassland

Hupe, Anke, née Schmidt

A secret world - C and N rhizodepostion of pea,

 influenced by plant development and growing conditions

Issa, Irwa

Analysis of the market potential of Syrian organic fruit and vegetables for exports to Germany

Jannoura, Ramia

Interactions of organic amendments, pea (Pisum sativum L.) growth, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and other soil microorganisms

Jathe, Nicola

Development and testing of a technical rooting system for intensively kept fattening pigs

Jordan, Greta

Water Use Efficiency and Management of Agro-Pastoral Landuse Systems in the Mongolian-Chinese Altay

Korese, Joseph Kudadam

Experimental and modeling studies of forced convection storage and drying systems for sweet potatoes

Krieger, Margret

Production Diseases in European Organic Dairy Farms - current Status and Identification of Drivers

for Improvement by Means of a Systemic Approach

Marami Milani, Mohammed Reza

The Effect of Climate Variability on Main Components of Cow Milk in Iran

Mgalula; Michael Elias

Assessing trends in land use change in the Borana rangeland Ethiopia as one cause of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration variations

Neina, Dora

Microbial response to restoration of tantalite mine soils in western Rwanda

Reddersen, Björn

Biomass, quality traits and methane production of extensive grassland: biodiversity effects and sensor approaches

Sadaf, Mahmood

Effects of human capital on occupational status and social integration

of Pakistani immigrants in Germany: gender perspectives

San, Cho Cho

Economic assessment of mangrove forest uses: The case of Wunbaike mangrove Forest in Yanbye township, Rakine state, Myanmar

Shabier, Alimu

Opportunities and constraints of transhumant small ruminant production in the Chinese Altay Mountains

Siebald, Hubertus

Acoustic real-time detection of knife condition in forage harvesters

Stone, Sina

Determination of subclinical metabolic disorders in transition dairy cows

Strücker, Juliane

Factors and mechanisms controlling soil organic carbon turnover in subsoils of agricultural sites

Thiesing, Matthias

Forces and kinematics on agricultural plows

Tsevegmed, Munkhnasan

Herd management and livestock productivity in the Altai region of Western Mongolia

Zhang, Kaikai

Occupational success and intentions to stay of highly qualified Chinese in Germany

Zimmer, Stephanie Marie

Suitability of grain legumes as regional animal food for organic agriculture in Luxembourg

Al Kindi, AmalInfluence of quebracho tannin extract and activated charcoal on nutrient intake and digestibility, digesta passage, nitrogen balance, and quality of faecal excreta in goats
Aminforoughi, SonikaQuantification and qualification of the environmental impacts of milk processing in the Republic of Armenia using the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment under consideration of product and process related quality attributes
Andriamparany, Jessica N.Using cultural and socioecological approach to assess the diversity, local uses and availability of medicinal plants and wild yams in the Mahafaly region in south-western Madagascar
Andrushkevich, MeikeNitrogen and carbon dynamics in grassland soils and plants after application of digestate
Baćanović, JelenaPathogens occurring in the winter pea-maize-winter wheat rotation, their host specific and the potential of compost in suppressing foot and root disease of peas
Bantle, ChristinaCommunication strategies on agrobiodiversity in the food service industry
Biermann, AnneDevelopment of an economically oriented breeding program for the endangered pig breed Bunte Bentheimer
Brenninkmeyer, ChristineIntegument lesions and lameness as animal based indicators for dairy cow welfare in epidemiological research
Dürr, JochenThe contribution of agriculture to economic development in Guatemala through value chains and agricultural growth linkages
Ehret, MiriamAlley cropping of willows and grassland for bioenergy provision: productivity, tree-crop interacions and energy balance
Feldt, TobiasInterrelatedness of grazing livestock with vegetation parameters and farmer's livelihoods in the Mahafaly region, southwestern Madagascar
Hahn, HenningEconomic and ecological evaluation of biogas plant confiurations for a demand oriented biogas supply for flexible power generation
Hanisch, SusanImproving cropping systems of semi-arid south-western Madagascar under multiple ecological and socio-economic constraints
Htwe, Thin NweChanges of traditional farming systems and their effects on land degradation and socio-economic conditions in the Inle Lake region, Myanmar
Kusche, DanielInvestigations on quality and compatibility of organic milk - Differentiability of biodynamic and conventional milk quality on farm level based on analytical quality parameters and including compatibility tests
Kywan, KhouloudAnalyzing Gene Centres with the Help of the Checklist Method - the Case of Syria
Makaya, EugineWater loss management strategies for developing countries: Understanding the dynamics of water leakages
Nuñez Vega, Anna-MariaSimulation of drying processes of sensitive biological goods considering transient boundary conditions
Osorno, LozanoSimultaneous Drying and Separation of Composite Agricultural Material for Hay Processing
Palupi, EnyDouble burden malnutrition of preschool children and its association with brain development and milk consumption. A case study in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Piepenschneider, MeikeUrban grass and grass-leaf litter mixtures as source for bioenergy recovery
Pinggera, JohannaEffect of environmental conditions on the N uptake route of soil microorganisms and adaption of a method to determine amino acid oxidase in soil
Schiffer, KatrinOn-farm slaughter of cattle via gunshot method
Siegmeier, TorstenThe Alliance of Bioenergy Production and Organic Farming
Tlatlik, RebeccaPlace-related factors, employment opportunities and international students' migration intentions
Wario, Hussein TadichaAn integrated assessment of resource use strategies in the Borana pastoral system of southern Ethiopia
Beggi, FrancescaEffects of phosphorus and water stress on shoot and root growth and on mycorrhization of different pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) cultivars from West Africa (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Büchel, SimonaSonsor-based Control of Chewing and Rumination Behavior of Dairy Cows (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Deh Navi, SudehNational Food Security Strategies, Availability of Water Resources and Farmers' Reactions  in Darab, Iran (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Fan, DiomandéDe la désorganisation à l'organistion apprenante en milieu rural: Etude de cas d'induction et de diffusion d'innovation au sein de petites organisations paysannes au Buruli (Centre de l'Ouganda) (Prof. Dr. Troßbach)
Gronle, AnnkathrinAgronomic aspects of intercropping spring or winter peas and cereals  as influenced by ploughing system (Prof. Dr. Heß)
Hensgen, Frank PeterExamining European semi-natural grassland silages and urban green cut as input sources for the integrated generation of solid fuel and biogas from biomass (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Ingold, MarikoEffects of activated charcoal and quebracho tannins on the turnover of goat manure on irrigated organic agriculture of the subtropics (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Kofahl, DanielThe complexity of nutrition in contemporary society - sociological analysis of semantics of culture and naturalness in food communication (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Ochieng, JustusMarket Orientation, Rural Out-migration, Crop Production and Household Food Security: The case of Smallholders in Central Africa (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Pohle, Agnes

Remittances, Farm Investments, Land Use, and Water consumption:

Interdependencies in Kerala, India (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Rehbein, Pia

Analysis of adverse drug effects of antibiotic-containing udder injectors of mastitis in cows of the Holstein-Friesian breed, considering performance level, genetics and production conditions (Prof. Dr. König)

Roman Sufan, FranzExperimental And CFD study on low temperature drying of loose and compressed bulks (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Soma, TakuyaHuman and Raptor Interactions in the Context of a Nomadic Society Anthropological and Ethno-Ornithological Studies of Altaic Kazakh Falconry and its Cultural Sustainability in Western Mongolia (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Thierau, SeverinInfluence of heating and freeze-drying on lutein and zeaxanthin concentrations in egg yolk (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Ur Rehman, ShoaibNutrient fluxes and resource use efficiency in urban and peri-urban agriculture of Faisalabad, Pakistan (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Vazhacharickal, PremSocio-economic characterization and heavy metal signatures in urban and peri-urban agricultural production systems of Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Wentzel, StefanieThe influence of long-term application of biogas slurry on soil fertility (Prof. Dr. König)
Willich, MelanieLeaching of Carbon and Nutrients on a Subtropical Sandy Soil from Northern Oman - A Comparison of Methods and Amendments (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Zhao, XiReturning Migrants and Social Inclusion in Rural China (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Andrushkevich, Marc RouvenEffects of different tillage treatments on labile soil organic matter pools and stabilization processes (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Bühle, Lutz KonradBiological and chemical parameters life cycle assessment of integrated generation of solid fuel and biogas from biomass (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Carreño Olejua, Ariel ReneDevelopment of a process for cutting and peeling fruit with high pressure water jets (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Dresow, Jana FranziskaOptimization of organic potato production - Influence of agronomical measures on yield and quality of table potatoes and processing potatoes (Prof. Dr. Heß)
Eche Enriquez, Mauricio DavidLand degradation, small-scale farms development, and migration flows in Chiapas (Mexico). Case study Tapachula (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Flake, AlbrechtCooperation potentials "Green Workshops" and employment potentials of agricultural enterprises as well as industry-related crafts for people with disabilities (Prof. Dr. Möller)
Formowitz, BeateCauses of legume rotation induced yield increases in cereals grown on West African soils (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Fricke, ThomasSensory recording of grassland biomasses as a basis for site-specific management in organic farming (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Gönster, SvenEffects of transformation processes in "jubraka" agroforestry systems of the Nuba Mountains, Sudan, on nutrient fluxes (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Heid, Astrid"Organic consumers" attitudes and preferences regarding alternatives to piglet castration without anaesthesia and analgesia in organic farming - An explorative analysis (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Heil, EleonoreIs the nutritional driver's license a suitable primary prevention measure to improve the nutritional situation? (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Kawongolo, John BoscoOptimization of Processing Technology for Comercial Drying of Bananas (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Lasner, TobiasEcopreneurship in Aquaculture - The Adoption of Environmentally Sound Innovations (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Linsler, DeborahEffects of grassland renovation on carbon concentrations and aggregate distribution in temperate grassland soils (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Luckhard, ChristophDevelopment of thermoanalytical prediction and classification models in thermal devices using a milut sensor system and artificial neural networks (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Lukas, StefanThe influence of changing winter temperature patterns on microbial C and N utilization from crop residues and survival of fungal phytopathogens (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Murugan, RajasekaranEffects of grassland conversion and tillage intensities on soil microbial biomass, residues and community structure (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Piegholdt, ChristianeEffects of tillage on soil C, N and P pools with different stability (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Raza, Muhammad AsifPrevelance of intestinal parasites in small ruminants and their sensitivity to treatments with ethnobotanical remedies in Cholistan, Pakistan (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Rysha, AgimNutritions in kindergartens of Kosovo (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Saeed, Muhammad FarhanSeed health in organic peas and faba beans and management approaches to improve pea production in organic rotations (Prof. Dr. Finkh)
Schleenbecker, Rosa MeikeInformation needs, information search and purchase decisions of consumers for fair trade products (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Sradnick, André ErikThe influence of organic fertilization on microbial biomass and its residues in different farming systems (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Tariq, MuhammadOpportunities for improving resources use efficiency in peri-urban dairy herds in Faisalabad, Pakistan (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Tönshoff, CharlotteImpact of returning short rotation coppice to cropland and grassland use on soil C fractions (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Ul-Allah, SamiTowards a water and nutrient efficient forage production in semi arid regions of Pakistan (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Wägeli, SalomeThe importance of feed origin in the purchase of organic animal food - consumer perception and preference of a labeling of regional feed origin (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Wember, QuirinEnvironmental adaptation of open-pollinated cauliflower varieties (Prof. Dr. Finkh)
Wiehle, MartinEffects of transformation processes in "jubraka" agroforestry systems of the Nuba Mountains, Sudan, on plant diversity
Abdalla Isthiag FarougSocioeconomic Aspects of Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture: A Diagnostic Study in Khartoum, Sudan
Al-Busaidi Khair Effects of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Growth and Yield of Banana  (Musa AAA cv. Malindi) in Oman
Mohamed Nasser SulaimanAl-RawahiMatter fluxes in mountain oases of Al Jabal Al Akhar, Oman
Amadou HamadounEffect of management strategies on the performance of ruminant livestock production systems and the safety of plant and animal products in the city of Sikasso, Mali
Babiker Ahmed Abdalla SaharAgricultural practices and horizontal nutrient balances in urban gardens and the alternative use of urban agriculture land in Khartoum, Sudan
Döring SusanneExploratory and dust-bathing behaviour in commercial laying hens kept in aviaries and furnished cages
Haile Jemanesh KifetewGenetic mapping of resistance to race Ug99 of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici and diversity analysis and identification of stem rust resistance genes in Ethiopian tetraploid wheats.
HillPhilipp Johannes Simulative risk analysis of biomethane projects. An operational approach to implementing simulative risk analysis into the risk management system of biomethane project investors.
Holpp MartinInvestigations on Controlled Traffic Farming and Satellite Based Guidance Systems
Indorf CarolineOptimization of amino sugar-specific delta13C analysis in soil and plant materials to detect the turnover of microbial residues
Irrgang Silke Nora LinnHorns in cattle - implications of keeping horned cattle or not
Khalsa Jan /geb. HarndorfEffects of functional groups and species richness on bioenergy parameters relevant for combustion and anaerobic digestion - Results from a diversity grassland experiment
Lompo DésiréMatter flows and balances in urban vegetable gardens of Bobo Dioulsasso, Burkina Faso (West Africa)
Maqsood ShafiqueSoil organic matter: interactions with C and N dynamics, nutrient cations and organic pollutants
Musa Tilal Sayed AbdelhalimDevelopment and Integration of Biocontrol Products in Branched Broomrape (Phelipanche ramosa) management in Tomato
Nepal RanjitaRemittances and livelihood strategies: a case study in Eastern Nepal
Qasim MuhammadDeterminants of Farm Income and Agricultural Risk Management Strategies: The Case of Rain-fed Farm Households in Pakistan's Punjab
RetzInvestigation on the reduction of ammonia emissions in cattle barns by a slatted floor cleaning system
Riedel SimonStatus and Potential of Smallholder Livestock Production Systems in Xishuangbanna, Southern P. R. China
Sahm HenrietteStability of consumer attitudes and attitude-based market segmentation
SingerAnjaApplication of biogas slurries from energy crops to arale soils and their impact on carbon and nitrogen dynamics
Syafitri WildanDeterminants of Labor Migration Decisions. The Case of East Java, Indonesia
Zampaligre NouhounThe role of ligneous vegetation for livestock nutrition in the sub-Sahelian and Sudanian zones of West-Africa: Potential effects of climate change
Amin Istaiteyeh, Rasha (Moh'd Said)Economic Development and Highly Skilled Returnees: The Impact of Human Capital Circular Migration on the Economy of Origin Countries The Case of Jordan (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Benor Belay, Solomon  Phylogeny of  the Genus Corchorus (Malvaceae s.l.) and Diversity Analyses in Selected Species: Evidence from Morphology, Flow Cytometry and Molecular Data (Prof. Dr. Hammer)
Buder, FabianBuying Behavior of Organic Food - Causal Analytical Investigation of the Determinants of Demand for Organically Produced Food  (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Cuervo Andrade, Sandra PatriciaQuality oriented drying of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis L.) (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
David, Wahyudi
Local food security and principle of organic farming (from farm of fork) in context of food culture in Indonesia: Minangkabau's case study (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Herrmann, FarinaInfluence of area selection, cropping density and landscape structure on infestation status and spread of the carrot fly Psila rosae F. (Diptera: Psilidae) in organic carrot production (Dr. Saucke)  
Janssen, MeikeLabelling schemes for organic food: Consumer attitudes, preferences and willingness-to-pay in six European countries (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Jost, DaphneFeed-related microbial composition of cattle manure and its influence on gas emissions and soil N mineralization  (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Knauf, RenateIntegration of animal welfare requirements into a cost accounting system using the example of egg production (Prof. Dr. Seuring-Stella)
Leopoldo Vasco Perez, Cristian    
The Impact of International Migration and Remittances on Agricultural Production Patterns, Labor elationships and Entrepreneurship: The Case of Rural Ecuador (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Manns, Christoph   Investigation of the suitability of herbs for sod production (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Marien, CharlotteEffects of tubers of the Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) and potatoes (Solanum tuberasum) on the intestinal microbiota of pigs ans evaluation of a procedure for quantification of microbial mass in pig faeces  (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Plaßmann-Weidauer, SabineThe importance of price in the purchase of organic food - price knowledge and willingness to pay of organic consumers (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Plesch, Gudrun Cleanliness versus cow comfort - an insolvable problem? The influence of cubicle design, management and cow sizes on lying coming and udder cleanliness in Holstein Friesian dairy cows (Prof. Dr. Knierim)
Safi, Zikrullah Nutrient cycling and nutrient use efficiency in urban and peri-urban agriculture of Kabul, Afghanistan (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Siegfried, KonradGaseous and leaching losses of carbon and nitrogen in irrigated organic farming of a coastal oasis in Oman (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Spengler Neff, AnnetteNew approaches for organic dairy cattle breeding Investigation of new traits for organic dairy cattle breeding, under  consideration of essential aspects of animal behavior (Prof. Dr. Baars)
Pride, HannaAttitudes and behaviour towards food attributes and organic food - a triangular methodological investigation of occasional organic consumers (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Wohlers, JeniferInfluence of feeding (hay, silage, fodder beets) and hornlessness on milk quality of cows Identification of suitable methods for  differentiation and quality assessment (Prof. Dr. Baars)
Riefer, Angelika Changes in organic food consumption in families with children and their backgrounds (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Himstedt, MaikeDigital image analysis as a tool to estimate legume contributions in legume-grass swards (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Perbandt, DanielaDetermination of yield and quality parameters of energy crops applying laboratory and field spectroscopy (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Gronefeld, Friedrike The European organic food market - How to increase its transparency? (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Amal Karam Sayed Ahmed Abou El Goud  Effect of Endomycorrhizal Fungi and Compost on the Yield  and Quality of Maize and Sunflower Plants in Poor Nutrients Soil (Prof. Dr. Schmeisky)
Pforte, Florian Development of an online measuring method for the determination of soil cover during stubble cultivation to mulch sowing methods (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Jocobs, AnnaEffect of tillage on processes of organic matter sequestration (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Rottmann, Nils Microbial utilization of crop residues in soil columns and litterbags
(Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Heinze, StefanieOrganic fertilization and reduced tillage as a controlling factor for C, N, P and S storage by microorganisms (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Ullah, Muhammad Arshad  Forage production in Panicum grass-legumes intercropping by combining geometrical configuration and fertilizer under rainfed conditions (Prof. Dr. Schmeisky)
Al Rasbi, Salim Abdullah Rashid  Evaluation of the growth of date palm seedlings irrigated with saline water in Sultanate of Oman (Prof. Dr. Schmeisky)
Butz, AndreasSpecificity of quantitative resistance of tomato (Lycopersicon ssp. L.) leaves and fruits to Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) De Bary (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Heitkamp, FelixEffects of fertilizer type and rate on partitioning of soil organic matter into pools of different stability (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Henschke, ChristianAgriculture under control - Influencing the living and working conditions of farmers in the center of the control regime (Prof. Dr. Poppinga)
Sturm, BarbaraInfluence of the management of the drying process on the drying process and the product properties of sensitive organic goods (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Sun, HowIncrease in Protein Demand for China'Livestock Sector and is Implications for International Agricultural Trade (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Abdu, Nafiu Availability, transfer and balances of heavy metals in urban agriculture of West Africa (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Helmk, Jörge Remittance-led development: Rebuilding old dependencies or a powerful source of human development? (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Heuser, Florian Testing the two-crop utilization system for the provision of energy crops on seven sites in Germany (Prof. Dr. Hammer)
Munir, Anjum Design, development and modeling of a solar distillation system for the processing of medicinal and aromatic plants (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Akinyemi, Okoro MondayThe status and barriers to the implementation and continuation of the school gardening proejcts in Germany, Nigeria and the United States of America: Obstacles, Strengths and Weaknesses (Prof. Dr. von Fragstein)
Wilhelm, Birgit CordulaConservation tillage in organic farming - analysis of a process technology in the context of soil fertility (Prof. Dr. Hensel)
Sharma, KalpanaGenetic variation of and environmental effects on inducibility of resistance in tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum L.) to Phytophthora infestans (Mont) de Bary (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Herrmann, Sandra Nutrients in composts and soils: spectroscopic quality assessments and modeling (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Al-Asfoor, HusamEffects of Different Feeding Regimes on the Digestibility and Faecal Excretion on Nitrogen, Soluble Carbohydrates and Fibre Fractions in Water Buffaloes Kept Under Subtropical Conditions (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Schneider, ClaudiaDimensioning and design of loose housing for horned dairy cows under consideration (Prof. Dr. Knierim)
Ivemeyer, Silvia Influence of the human-animal-relationship on the udder health of dairy cows (Prof. Dr. Knierum)
Richter, FelixImpact of sward type, cutting date and conditioning temperature on material and energy fluxes in the integrated generation of solid fuel and biogas from semi-natural grassland (Prof. Dr. Wachendorf)
Richter, UweQuantification of feeding and rumination activities of dairy cows (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Biewer, Sonja
Hyperspectral field measurements to determine dry matter yield and nutritive value of legume-grass swards (Prof. Dr. M. Wachendorf)
Aschemann-Witzel, JessicaThe Influence of Nutrition and Health Claims on Food Purchasing Behavior with Special Consideration of the Role of Involvement (Prof. Dr. U. Hamm)
Richter, KlausGenetic structure in European populations of the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris (PD Dr. Potthoff)
Szulc, Malgorzata Discrimination between organically and conventionally grown winter wheat by means of holistic and selected analytical methods (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Schenck zu Schweinsberg-Mickan, MarioImportance of C and N rhizodeposition  for growth  Microbial turnover of C and N in rhizosphere  in relation to distance from root (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Lange, KatjaEconomic efficiency of sow management in organic farming - optimization potential through group housing of farrowing sows and prophylactic animal health measures (Prof. Dr. Möller)
Hartkemeyer, TobiasExtension of the salutogenetic perspective as a basis for nutritional-ecological education (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Pitcher, MaikeShifting cultivation and forest resources in Nagaland, N.-E. India (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Dickhöfer, UtaTradition and transformation - Steps towards a sustainable goat husbandry in mountain oases of Oman (Prof . Dr. Schlecht)
Müller, EvelynThe ridge tillage system of Turiel - Investigations at the Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen
The ridge tillage system of Turiel - Investigations at the
Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Diogo, RodrigueHorizontal nutrient fluxes and production efficiencies in urban and peri-urban crop and livestock husbandry: the case of Niamey, Niger (Prof. Dr. Schlecht)
Anspach, VictorStatus quo, perspectives and economic potentials of biogas production on farms in organic farming (Prof. Dr. Möller)
Sohail, MuhammadEcophysiology of seed domancy and salt tolerance of Grewia tenax (Forssk.)Fiori. And Ziziphus spina-christi (L.) Willd.  (PD Dr. Gebauer)
Gowaye,SalahEgyptian wheat (Prof. Fr. Hammer)
Li, zu-YingOrganic farm-based tourism as an element of sustainable multifunctionality to support peripheral regions. Hualinien, Taiwan, as an example (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Predotova, Martina Vertical nutrient fluxes in urban vegetable production:
The case of Niamey, Niger (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Urbatzka, Peer Cultivation suitability of normal-leaved winter peas as winter intercrop and threshing crop in pure seed and batch cultivation under the conditions of organic farming (Prof. Dr. Heß)
Habilitations 2009
Dr. Potthoff, Martin       Department of Soil Biology: Habilitation Thesis: Habitat and Regulation -  Organisms as Drivers of ecosystem functioning in the soil system
Braunisch, Frank (Dr. Ing.)Investigations on the construction of a functionally optimized recultivation layer on a highly basic ash landfill (Prof. Dr. H. Schmeisky)
Gedamu-Gobena, AshenafiTriticale Production in Ethiopia - Its Impacts on Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in the Amhara Region (Prof. Dr. B. Knerr)
Wanke, DiethildOn-Farm-Management as a Concept for In-Situ Conservation of the Diversity of Farm Animal Breeds using the Example of Hinterwald Cattle in the Southern Black Forest (Prof. Dr. O. Poppinga)
Neth, BaromeyEcotourism as a Tool for Sustainable Rural Community Development and Natural Resources Management in the Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Gottardi, SaraAreal and functional analysis of small-scale site-specific variations in grassland vegetation and productivity (Prof. Dr. M. Wachendorf)
Schulte-Geldermann, ElmarManagement approaches in organic potato and tomato production (Prof. Dr. J. Heß)
Weimer, Gero (rer.pol.)Service reporting in outsourcing controlling: An empirical analysis of outsourcing service management DUV, Wiesbaden 2009 (Prof. Dr. Seuring-Stella)
Keppler, ChristianeInvestigation of important factors influencing the occurrence of feather pecking and cannibalism in uncooped laying hens kept in floor and aviary systems with daylight, with special emphasis on the rearing phase (Prof. Dr. Knierim)
Habilitations 2008
Michael, Dr., KerstinOrganic matter, major ions and heavy metals in soils:availability, modeling and spectroscopic investigations (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Westendarp, Dr., HeinerOn the use of phytogenic additives in the diet of farm animals (Prof. Dr. Sundurm)
Gebauer, Dr., Jens Studies on agro-silvo-pastoral ecosystems under (semi-) arid conditions in Northern Oman and Central Sudan (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Meiser, Dr.,  HeribertSignificance and development of chemical-toxicological detection methods for the diagnosis of animal poisoning,
demonstrated by different organ analyses of poisoned animals (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Benninger, TinaInvestigations on the health status and on farm
measures of preventive health care in organic pig farming (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Filger, RüdigerLitter and wet meadows in the Kempter Forest (Prof. Dr. Spatz)
Haase, ThorstenOrganic Potatoes for processing - agronomical measures and their impact on yield and quality (Prof. Dr. Heß)
Helfrich, MirjamComposition and stability of organic matter fractions in soils under different land use regimes (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Year, VolkerInnovation and Power in the Organization of Universities - The Establishment of the Ecological Paradigm at the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Kassel from the Perspective of Organization Theory (Prof. Dr. Fremerey)
Khan, IzharOverseas Migration and Its Socio-Economics Impacts on the Families Left Behind in Pakistan (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Lüdeling, EikeSustainability of mountain oases in Oman. Effects of agro-environmental changes on traditional cropping systems (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Mahmood, KhalidSalinity/sodicity tolerance of Acacia ampliceps and identification of techniques useful to avoid early stage salt stress (Prof. Dr. Schmeisky)
Meelursarn, AumapornStatistical evaluation of texture analysis from the biocrystallization method: effect of image parameters to differentiate organic and conventional products (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Rasul, GhulamSalinity-induced changes in the microbial use of sugarcane filter cake added to soil (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Roose, MarcoCharacterization of organic and conventional carrots and wheat based on their  carotenoid and polyphenol concentrations (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Szerencsits, ManfredBasis for the targeted expansion of organic farming for the purpose of water protection - derivation of an ad hoc theory of conversion and discussion of the framework conditions for expansion (Prof. Dr. Heß)
Werner, ChristineClinical control study comparing homeopathic and chemotherapeutic treatment in the therapy of acute catarrhal mastitis of cattle (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Werries, AndreasValidation of HPLC methods for the determination of polyphenols and caroteniods in carrots, wheat and maize of different origin (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Zaka, Muhammad AnwarEvolution of effective and economical reclamation technology for salt affected soils using brackish water (Prof. Dr. Schmeisky)eden organ analyses of poisoned animals (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Habilitations 2007
Kahl, DR.,

Development, in-house validation and application  of the holistic method biocrystallization for the differentiation of wheat, carrot and apple samples from different cultivation and processing steps (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)

Almeida Neto, Jose Adolfo DeProduction of Biodiesel  in Bahia, Brazil: Concept for the planning of a plant with consideration of ecological and socio-economic aspects (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Krause)
Braband, DorotheeNature indicators - Development of an instrument for the recording of nature conservation services in the agricultural sector (Prof. Dr. Heß)
Haitook, TheerachaiStudy of Chicken Meat Production for Small-Scale Farmers in Northeast Thailand (Prof. Dr. Tawfik)
Hamann, VolkerThe Impact of International Labor Migration on Regional Development: The Example of Zacatecas, Mexico (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Kywe, MyoPhosphorus response and amino acid composition of different green gram (Vigna rediata L.) cultivars and green gram rotation effects on maize (Zea mays L.) growth in Myanmar (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Core, MichaelStructural analysis and evaluation of pollutant-containing wastes in household waste (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wiemer)
Roose, KatjaEffect of crop residues of transgenic plants on microbial C- and N-transformation in agricultural soils using the example of Bt-maize (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Teklu, YifruGenetic Erosion and Morphological and Molecular Markers Diversity in Ethiopian Tetraploid Wheat Landraces: Implications for Conserbation and Utilization (Prof. Dr. Hammer)
Terhoeven-Urselmans, ThomasUsefulness of near-infrared spectroscopy to assess the composition and properties of soil, litter and growing Media (Prof. Dr. Ludwig)
Träbing, ClaudiaImmunological reactivity as an indicator of stress in cow milk (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Weih, AndreasStrategies for the conservation of animal-based land use in peripheral regions for the maintenance and design of valuable cultural landscapes - Perspectives of animal husbandry and grazing in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve (Prof. Dr. Tawfik)
Wichern, FlorianEstimating C and N rhizodeposition of peas and oats (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Zalecka, Aneta WandaDevelopment and validation of the rising image method for the differentiation of selected foods from different cultivation systems and processing methods (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Zaqqa, NadimEcomomic Development and Export of Human Capital. A  Contradiction? The economic impact of human capital migration on the economy of sending countries. A case study of Jordan (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Adiwibowo, SoeryoDongi-dongi - Culmination of a Multi-dimensional Crises: A Political Ecology Perspective (Prof. Dr. Fremerey)
Al-Khanjari, SulaimanExploration and estimation of morphological and genetic diversity of Omani wheat (Triticum spp.) landraces (Prof. Dr. Hammer)
Bouws-Beuermann, HeidiEffects of strip intercropping on late blight severity, yields of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum Lindl.) and on population structure of P. infestans (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Döring, ThomasStraw mulch in organically grown potatoes. Evaluation and optimisation for virus vector control (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Engelking, BrigitteProduction and use of isotopically labeled (13C) microbial residues as labile intermediate storage for nutrients  (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Khoshbakht, KorousAgrobiodiversity of plant genetic resources in Savadkouh/Iran with emphasis on plant uses and socioeconomic aspects (Prof. Dr. Hammer)
Muhammad, SherMicrobial use of organic substrates and maize growth, especially in saline and alkaline soils of the Pakistani Punjab (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Niessing, SilviaGreening measures on the tailings pile of the potash industry of the Sigmundshall-Bokeloh plant (Prof. Dr. Schmeisky)
Sarwar, GhulamUse of compost for crop production in Pakistan (Prof. Dr.  Schmeisky)
Siebert, StefanAnalysis of arid agricultural systems using quantitative image analysis, modeling and geographical information systems (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Sunito, SatyawanContinuation and Discontinuation of Local Institution in Community Based Natural Resource Management (Prof. Dr. Fremerey)
Trejo Lizama, WilbertStrategies to improve the use of limited nutrient resources in pig production in the tropics (Prof. Dr. Sundrum)
Aphun, AstridMicrobial colonization of root surface and rhizosphere in its importance for metabolism in soils (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Döring, ThomasStraw mulch in organically grown potatoes. Evaluation and optimisation for virus vector control (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
El Edghiri, TarikInvestigation of suitable strategies for biological treatment of urban household waste in emerging countries - case study Morocco - (Prof. Dr. Wiemer)
Gonzalez, Victor Manuel SuarezVeterinary hygiene situation of ruminant husbandry with special reference to endo- and ectoparasites in the ever humid tropics of South America - illustrated by the example of the province of Sucumbios Ecuador (Prof. Dr. Tawfik)
Kalka, EdithFood quality between taste and sign - A natural and cultural science analysis using the example of edible curd cheese (Prof. Dr. Ploeger)
Nagieb, Maher Material Flows and Plant Genetic Resources in Two Mountain Oases of Northern Oman (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Naing, Tin AyeRice Production in Myanmar and Effects of Intensification on Crop Health (Prof. Dr. Finckh)
Neofotidis, Anastasios Performance and robustness of the final breeding group from the crossbreeding program of the "Witzenhäuser Landschaftspflegeziege" (Prof. Dr. Biedermann)
Sodiq, AkhmadDoe Productivity of Kacang and Peranakan Etawah Goats and Factors Affecting them in Indonesia (Prof. Dr. Tawfik)
Thein, Soe SoeEffects of Soil Fertility Management Practices on Nutrient Avialability and Yield of Rice in Myanmar (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Zenner-Gellrich, SilviaConsumer Behavior in the Demand for Food from Direct Marketing - A Behavioral Analysis Considering Regional Specificities (Prof. Dr. Hamm)
Zermane, NadjiaPotential of rhizobacteria to control parasitic weeds of the genus Orobanche (Prof. Dr. Bürkert)
Zimmermann, RalphInvestigation of the effect of nitrogen and sulfur fertilization as well as utilization intensity on yield and constituents of butterbur (Petasites hybridus L.) (Prof. Dr. Scheffer)
Habilitations 2004
Müller, TorstenTurnover of plant residues in soil - proposals for modification of the soil-plant-atmosphere model DAISY (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Al-Karadsesh, Esmat A.W.Potentials and development of precision irrigation technology
(Prof. Dr. Krause)
Grass, RüdigerDirect and late sowing of silage maize - A new cultivation system to reduce environmental hazards and cultivation problems while optimizing yields (Prof. Dr. Scheffer)
Hassan, Elhussein Abdien Biogas production from forage and sugar beets - Process Control and Optimization - Ecology and Economy (Prof. Dr. Krause)
Hofmann, HubertusInvestigations on revegetation and succession on an anhydritic tailings pile of the potash industry in the Werra area (Prof. Dr. Schmeisky)
Mayer, JochenRoot effects on the turnover of grain legume residues in soil (Prof. Dr. Heß)
Peratoner, GiovanniOrganic seed propagation of alpine species and their use in ecological restoration of ski runs in mountain regions (Prof. Dr. Spatz)
Schulte, Andreas Development of a concept of benefit analysis for rural development projects (Prof. Dr. Bokermann)
Volk, BrigitteInfluence of genetic origin on fattening and slaughter performance, meat and fat quality and fatty acid pattern of phospholipids of fattening pigs of both sexes at different feeding intensities (Prof. Dr. Biedermann)
Habilitations 2003
Hörning, Bernhard      Livestock ethological studies on cubicle quality in dairy cattle housing systems with special reference to an epidemiological approach (Prof. Dr. Fölsch)
Eckelmann, SabineBiodiversity of the genus Ocimum L., especially the cultivar clades (Prof. Dr. Hammer)
Franke, Christian Grassland at the lower Middle Elbe - vegetation ecology and agricultural usability (Prof. Dr. Spatz)
Gennrich, NicolasThe Impact of Microenterprises of Poverty Reduction in Rural Areas: The Case of El-Quiche - Guatemala (Prof. Dr. Knerr)
Kleinkamp, BernhardStudies on arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) in the Alentejo (Portugal) using pea mutants resistant to AM fungi as a control tool for field conditions (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Sonnenberg, HansMechanical processing of litter material for animal husbandry to improve quality (Prof. Dr. Krause)
Strese, Eva EngelaThe dynamics of biomass development of old and new winter wheat varieties (Triticum Aestivum L.) (Prof. Dr. Scheffer)es epidemiological approach (Prof. Dr. Fölsch)
Habilitations 2002
Singer, HartmutSpatio-temporal dynamics of flora and vegetation on uranium mining dumps (Prof. Dr. Schmeisky)
Köhler, Barbara      The influence of husbandry, feeding and lighting on biophoton emission (delayed luminescence) and conventional quality parameters of chicken eggs (Prof. Dr. Fölsch)
King, OswaldEvaluation of success and performance of the self-administration of German irrigation associations with regard to the formation of water user organizations in Brazil (Prof. Dr. Wolff)
Krämer, Martin Pan'ki - a village in Eastern Poland 1864-2000 - Attempt of a micro-historical investigation of the change of living and working conditions in an agricultural village (PD Dr. Troßbach)
Habilitations 2001
Deininger, Andreas     
Process Control and Information Management in Calf Husbandry - State of Knowledge and Possibilities for Development (Prof. Dr. Krause)
Raubuch, Markus The function of microbial biomass as an indicator of soil quality and a regulator of processes in soils of forest ecosystems (Prof. Dr. Jörgensen)
Bartsch, BrigitteDetermination of basic principles for the identification of odor-intensive lead substances in the process of biological waste treatment as a prerequisite for continuous emission processes. (Prof. Dr. K. Wiemer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. F.B. Frechen)
Bonanos Ortega, Maria de FatimaGuidelines for planning a strategy for agricultural mechanization. Using the example of the South Pacific region of Nicaragua. (Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Krause, Prof. Dr. B. Knerr)
Claus, CorneliaPastoral ecology and rangeland management study of pastoral systems with hair sheep in the ever-humid tropics using the example of Sucumbios Province, Ecuador. (Prof. Dr. G. Spatz, Prof. Dr. S. Jutzi)
Gilles, PeterDevelopment and perspectives of urban and peri-urban dairy farming in the district of Maseru/Lesotho.(Prof. Dr. E.S. Tawfik, Prof. Dr. B. Knerr)
Haumann, PeraFurther development of a selection program for landscape management goats. (Prof. Dr. E. S. Tawfik, Prof. Dr. W. Holtz)
Otteni, MartinInfluence of different factors on the sensitivity of the honey bee Apis mellifera L. to viral infection. (Prof. Dr. E. Boehncke, Prof. Dr. N. Koeniger)
Scheer, TobiasInvestigations on the usability of processed salt slag of the secondary aluminum industry as recultivation material of a potash tailings pile. (Prof. Dr. H. Schmeisky, Prof. Dr. G. Spatz)
Tost, JohannThe behavior of adult bulls in a semi-naturally kept cattle herd with approximately natural age and sex structure - comparisons with the behavior of wild Bovinae based on the literature. (Prof. Dr. D. W. Fölsch, Prof. Dr. G. Biedermann)
Von Schwerin, CatarinaIncreasing area productivity in oilseed rape by energetic utilization of the moist preserved whole plant. (Prof. Dr. K. Scheffer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Krause)
Habilitations 2000
Rahmann, GeroldBiotope management as a new function and performance of animal husbandry. Studies on agroecology, Innsbruck. (Prof. Dr. Tawfik)
Angraini Suess, Ananta AndyRecycling of used edible oils/fats in the energetic/technical field - a process and its evaluation. (Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Krause, Prof. Dr. M. Spiteller)
Braimah, ImoroThe Implications of Income Generation for Agricultural Higher Education in Ghana. (Prof. Dr. M. Fremerey, Prof. Dr. B. Knerr)
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Fischer, Jürgen
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