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How can diversity of perspectives on cultural landscapes be taken into account in innovation processes? - New publications for science and practice

Ongoing land-use change, which includes both land abandonment and the intensification and expansion of agriculture, poses a threat not only to biodiversity and ecosystem health, but also to the continued existence of cultural landscapes. However, the abandonment of agricultural land and the resulting loss of traditional cultural landscapes is a little-researched topic in the literature. Our work as part of a transdisciplinary action research project in the Spreewald biosphere reserve has shown that the challenges for the preservation of the cultural landscape are rooted in different views of the landscape and visions of the future. Dealing with and integrating different perceptions and points of view is a central challenge in landscape conservation and the organization of innovative solutions for this.

Schaal-Lagodzinski, T., König, B., Riechers, M., Heitepriem, N., & Leventon, J. (2024). Exploring cultural landscape narratives to understand challenges for collaboration and their implications for governance. Ecosystems and People, 20(1).

Schaal-Lagodzinski, T., König, B., Heitepriem, N. (2024): Changing perspectives. The biosphere in the interplay between humans, nature
and sustainable use: Images of the future of the Spreewald cultural landscape.