Welcome to the PhD portal of the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences. We are pleased that you are interested in doing a PhD or that you have already started. Here you will find all important information on this topic.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Rainer Jörgensen (P)

Prof. Dr. Katrin Zander (P)
Prof. Dr. Ute Knierim (P)
Dr. Christian Bruns (W)
Dr. Anke Hupe (replacement)
Benjamin Ruch (S)

P = professors
W = scientific staff
S = students

PhD procedure

Step by step procedure on the central pages of the University of Kassel

What is different in the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences?


Answers to frequently asked questions about the doctoral process - Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences

These explanations are intended to facilitate your understanding of the doctoral regulations and the doctoral procedure. They do not replace the corresponding doctoral regulations and are not legally binding.

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