Research projects at the section Environmentally Sustainable Animal Nutrition

INTAQT- INnovative Tools for Assessment and Authentication of chicken meat, beef and dairy products' QualiTies

The project INTAQT will conduct an in-depth multi-criteria assessment of the relationship between farming systems and intrinsic quality characteristics of animal products. The aim of INTAQT is to develop quality assessment and authentication tools that will provide policy makers, industry, farmers and consumers with scientifically based decision support and improve husbandry practices for cattle and chicken.
This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101000250.

DigiPlus: Digitalization in organic farming (Experimental field 'Future farms')

The purpose of "DigiPlus" is to set up a future farm on which the possibilities and limits of digitization under the conditions of organic farming are developed. For this reason, digitization approaches are to be tested for their transferability in organic farming at the Hessian state domain Frankenhausen and the potential of digitization for organic farms is to be developed. With a focus on organic farming, this joint project will examine and cover the entire value chain in both plant and animal production. In addition to technical production areas, nature conservation and biodiversity aspects will be investigated and the entire production chain will be examined. All areas are to be linked into a quality management system with the help of digital tools and the socio-ecological dimension of digitalization is to be highlighted.