Honorary Professor for Small Ruminants

Dr. Gerold Rahmann who holds the honorary professorship is the head of the Institute of Organic Farming at the Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute. Animal welfare, product quality, animal health and economy are important fields of research and teaching at the Institute. Recent research activities include: animal welfare, milk and lamb quality, old breeds, control of endo- and ecto-parasites, landscape management, farm economics and marketing.


Research and lecturing at the section of organic husbandry for small ruminants follows an interdisciplinary approach. Animal welfare, product quality, animal health issues and economics are in the main focus. Important current research topics include:


  • animal welfare in housed and pasture based systems
  • milk and meat quality
  • suitability of rare breeds
  • endo- and ectoparasite control
  • landscape management and conservation
  • economics and marketing


Evidence based and up to date information on sheep and goat husbandry is presented. The baseline principles of organic management of sheep and goats in relation to their behaviour, health management, breeding, equipment, product quality, economics and marketing are taught, qualifying the participants for an appropriate flock management.

Research (at Thünen-Institut Trenthorst)