Prof. Dr. Maria Finckh

Lec­ture on 11/15/21: Glyphosate: in­dir­ect ef­fects on health via the mi­cro­bi­ome

Lecture on indirect Effects on health via the microbiome by Glyphosat held by Prof. Dr. Maria Finckh

Lecture on 11/15/21: Glyphosate: indirect effects on health via the microbiome: Watch on YouTube

Ef­fects of glyphosate on the en­vir­on­ment and people

Spray or protect - Can farmers manage without chemicals?

Spray or pro­tect - Can farm­ers man­age without chem­ic­als?

Is or­ganic farm­ing as it is cur­rently prac­ticed good enough for the fu­ture?

Pflanzengesundheit richtig managen

Man­age plant health prop­erly

Article on organic plant protection in organic farming in the magazine 'Ökologie & Landbau' (Ecology & Agriculture)

Manage plant health properly: Read More

Glyphosate - cross-res­ist­ance with an­ti­bi­ot­ics

Interview on 'Deutschlandfunk' with Prof. Dr Maria Finckh

Glyphosate - cross-resistance with antibiotics: Forward

No act­ive in­gredi­ent in in­teg­rated hor­ti­cul­ture - the cul­tiv­a­tion sys­tem de­cides