Venue and Accomodation

Venue of the conference

The conference will take place at the "Campus Steinstrasse" in Witzenhausen.

The presentations will be held in the room "Zeichensaal" in the Convent building (Number 10 on the map).

The posters will be presented in the room "H33" in the Office and lecture building (Number 9 on the map).

The meeting point for the social evening will be announced during the conference.

Map of the University buildings in Witzenhausen

University of Kassel and the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences in Witzenhausen

The University of Kassel, founded in 1971, is the newest university in the state of Hessen. At present, it has about 22.877 students. The number of staff is more than 3100, including 286 professors, approximately 1400 other academic staff, and about 1250 technical and administrative staff. A wide range of undergraduate and post graduate study programmes is offered each academic year. For more information please refer to the Website of Kassel University.

The Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences which is located in Witzenhausen about 30 Kilometers northeast of Kassel holds a prominent position in the university landscape in Germany and internationally with its definitive organic profile. Questions of ecology are central to all research and teaching, forming the theoretical framework in all disciplines. This is a clear profile oriented towards the future. This focus is not in discord with conventional agriculture and agricultural sciences, but represents an important supplement and enhancement. Agricultural education has a long tradition in Witzenhausen. In 1898 a School for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture was founded to train agricultural experts in German colonies before World War I. Since 1971 when the Kassel University was founded Witzenhausen has hosted the Faculty of Agronomy, International Rural Development and Environmental Protection.  For 30 years Organic Agriculture has been part of the curriculum. Since 1996 the main focus is on organic agricultural sciences and the Faculty has changed its name to "Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences", new professorships were established to further develop our organic profile in teaching and research; a unique situation worldwide. In 2005 all study programmes were accredited and transfered to Bachelor and Master system. For further information please visit the website of the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences.

Map of the University buildings in Witzenhausen

The city of Witzenhausen

The "Cherry-town" of Witzenhausen is located in the delightful valley of the river Werra, framed by the wooded hills of the Kaufunger forest in the center of Germany and in the middle of Europe. A tiny town with lots of hidden treasures to discover for those who are interested in finding those unique, lovely, quiet and special corners around the town. Extensive information about the town, its 16 districts and also its history can be found on the website of the town Witzenhausen. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in Witzenhausen and hope you will enjoy your stay here.

Accomodations in Witzenhausen

The following hotels and guesthouses provide accomodation in the centre of Witzenhausen:

Burghotel Witzenhausen

Deula Seminarhotel

Ferienwohung Fischer

Hotel Stadt Witzenhausen

More options can be found on the Homepage of the Tourist Information of Witzenhausen:

Please note that some of the accomodations listed here are only accessible by car!

Travel Directions

Travelling by train

The nearest train stations providing access to the long-distance transport are Kassel- Wilhelmshöhe or Göttingen. Change there to regional transport to Witzenhausen-Nord. (Please check the destination of your train compartment, since some trains departing from Göttingen are separated before arriving Witzenhausen.)
Train connections
are available on the website of the Deutsche Bahn:Deutsche Bahn AG
The Nordbahnhofstrasse can be reached by foot within 10 minutes from the railway station Witzenhausen-Nord.

Travelling by car

Witzenhausen can be reached by car via motorway A7. Take the exit 75 “Hann. Münden / Hedemünden / Witzenhausen” and follow the B80 to Witzenhausen.

Arriving over the motorway A38 take exit 3 "Friedland". Follow the B27 towards Bad Hersfeld / Eschwege. After a short time you get to the B80, which takes you directly to Witzenhausen.