Publikation in Ökologie & Landbau

Name: Henri Tepasse, Study programme: M.Sc. Sustainable business/economics, 10/2017-03/2020 (Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften) Kassel University

Name journal: Ökologie & Landbau: Edition 03-2020, Published 29th June 2020, Co-author in Eine globale Bewegung
von Franziskus Forster
Name MA thesis : Agroecological movement in Germany: Determining factors and organizational capability ()
Content of the thesis: The Master thesis intends to highlight the structure of  agroecology as a social movement solely in Germany. The first questions should address which participants are associated with the movement, how the movement is organized and what the demands are.
The second questions addresses whether the conditions for collective action can be accomplished to make an agroecological movement in Germany more visible.
Thesis is available in German: